How to change your YouTube account

by Clayton
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If you’ve found this blog post that means that you’ve probably faced the exact same problem which I had to face today: you want to change your YouTube account name and you are wondering how exactly to do this.

The answer is very simple: You can’t!!

Trust me, you can’t. I spent almost an entire (work)day trying to figure this out and the only solution I could find for when you want to change your YouTube account(name) you will have to close it down. BUT keep in mind that once you close it you (nor someone else) can’t open a new account with the same account again.

One of our clients asked me to create a YouTube account for his company. I myself have a personal YouTube account, which I mostly use to upload concert videos or other random vacation videos, so my knowledge of YouTube is just basic – upload the video and share the link.

Since my YouTube account is connected to my personal Gmail account, I created the YouTube account (and channel) for the client with my work email, thinking that it would be possible to assign a new admin (the client) after that. When I noticed that there wasn’t an option for this I Googled, until I could not Google anymore. It simply wasn’t possible.

How did I solve this?
I asked the client for a valid email address which I could use to create the account. I had already used the account name that I originally wanted to use, so instead I added part of the client’s business website domain in it. (ExampleAccountNL).

So there you have an easy fix to a problem that is probably more complex than you would expect it to be. 🙂

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