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Short videos of Revamp and Kamelot

By Clayton

Here are 2 videos, which I forgot to share earlier of Revamp and Kamelot in Tilburg last month. Since my camera battery was low, I wasn’t able to film the entire songs. But there will be a Kamelot documentary from that night coming out eventually, so there is still a chance to see more.


Nerd Herd

How to change your YouTube account

By Clayton

youtube_150x150If you’ve found this blog post that means that you’ve probably faced the exact same problem which I had to face today: you want to change your YouTube account name and you are wondering how exactly to do this.

The answer is very simple: You can’t!!

Trust me, you can’t. I spent almost an entire (work)day trying to figure this out and the only solution I could find for when you want to change your YouTube account(name) you will have to close it down. BUT keep in mind that once you close it you (nor someone else) can’t open a new account with the same account again.