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My new eyes

By Clayton

First thing I did when I arrived in Holland was order contact lenses. You may or not remember an old blog post from 2014 where I stated that I did some research on Lasik eye surgery or contact lens implants. Both were advised not to do so, as they would not work for me. However they did advise me to try hybrid contact lenses. Hybrid contact lenses are a blend between hard contact lenses and soft contact lenses. Since I have very bad eyes I can’t (or couldn’t) get soft contact lenses when I first tried contacts back in 2004. I got subscribed hard lenses and I simply never could get used to them.

After I booked my trip to Holland for this year I went on Google and searched for places in Holland where I could purchase them. I eventually mailed a supplier of these special contact lenses here in Holland and they referred me to an optician, as they do not deliver directly to customers.

The day after I arrived I had my appointment. The supplier of the contacts also came with his kit full of contacts. Together with the optician they checked my eyes and finally decided upon the best solution. Not a cheap one, but I wanted them.

These contacts are custom made in the US and would arrive within 1-2 weeks from the day they were ordered. Well they actually arrived 4 weeks later on the very last day in Holland.


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Reasons to move

By Clayton

The below might be a bit of a rant post, but everything is written in total honesty, so I hope that can be respected. If not, feel free to close the tab and go watch some porn like you’re used to.


I have never made it a secret that I want to move to Amsterdam.
One of the things that has been holding me back until recently was my studies. For no reason was I about to just quit that and I needed to finish it. Which I successfully did, which you can read in my previous post.

But now I am here, in the city I hope to call home soon.
And yes, I know it’s not all about rainbows, glitter and unicorns. I am way too old and have been here way too often to know this fact. But mentally I just know I belong here. Yes, I have been born in the wrong country and I plan to do something about this as soon as possible.

Now that I am almost 30, I would like to…. wait, what? Seriously?! Ugh… 30… okay, whatever… moving on. Now that I am almost 30, I would like to make serious plans for my exodus.

What are my reasons for wanting to move?

  • Amsterdam just feels like home
    It feels more “home” to me than Paramaribo has ever had. I just belong here.
  • The people are on my wavelength
    It’s great to be among people that share the same thoughts and ideas as me.
    Open-minded. I love that word(s) and it describes me perfectly.
  • The weather
    If you know me, you know I like the cold weather.
    Give me rain, give me snow. I just don’t like the heat and I hate to sweat.
    That makes Holland the perfect place as its colder more often than it’s warm.
    Also the weather is unpredictable and I hate living a predictable life.
  • My non-active love life
    If I ever want a chance to date someone, even if it’s temporary, I would have to move. Back home I cannot seem to find someone that is on my wavelength. Here… let’s just say there are some potential candidates that I would like to call my own. And for a few it even seems mutual. I would be nice to have someone to come home to.
  • Travelling
    It’s a fact that it’s much cheaper to see the world from here. A fact that I have been able to experience myself last year during the 13-country Euro trip. Why stay in one place? The world is ours. But intercontinental flights are not cheap. Certainly not from where I am from.
  • The music concerts
    The type of music I listen to is mostly created by European bands. They do travel the world, but they never visit Suriname as this would not be profitable for them. Even traveling with a full stage set is very expensive, which is why EU tour shows are usually a bit bigger than the abroad one. I would like to have the opportunity to just head out to a concert or several in a row, instead of what I need to do now and plan months ahead, save up a ton on money and hours of travel time. Although I like it and makes the experience even bigger, but sometimes not all shows are at a convenient time for me, because I can’t travel in that time period.
  • The bad economy back home
    If you follow the news of Suriname you will understand that the economy is bad at the moment. Like seriously bad. And although I don’t have a horrible paying job, I will not be able to afford my own place or even a new car any time soon. I see more and more people leaving for this reason and I think I seriously must do the same to survive.
  • My freelance business works better here
    I don’t really like working freelance for people back home. This is not a pride thing, this is a money thing. People don’t pay or don’t like to pay. At the moment I have 2 pending payments and I am sick of waiting. If I deliver something for you, it’s your job to deliver the funds. And these aren’t even big amounts. I am seriously not even charging what I should and want, but I try to compromise. But in this way, having to constantly ask when I am getting paid, I cannot do it. However when I have jobs here, we make clear agreements and I get paid just like we discussed. Everyone is happy.
  • Happiness
    As I already said, this place feels like home and it makes me happy.
    I cannot wait to find my own place to live, have a job I love, be with someone I love, walk amongst the cold weather (call me crazy) and just simply be happy.
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Back in Amsterdam 2017

By Clayton

Dear Diary… oops, wrong app.
Dear readers… you know, those two that are actually reading this…

Okay, enough joking around.

To those still reading… wow, you really must have nothing better to do, huh? 😀

Okay, seriously now!!

I am here writing from the Public Library in Amsterdam.
I cannot remember the last time I was in a library. I’ve been inside this library before a few years ago, but that was only to pick up something. Today I am actually here for the content of the library.

As I already mentioned I am back in Amsterdam; my “home”.
Not officially, but to this day it still feels like it and I doubt this feeling will ever fade away.
I’ve been here for 2.5 weeks now and have to fly back to my official-home in exactly 10 days.
Time flies. Times flies so goddamn fast that it’s not even normal.

What am I doing here in Amsterdam? NOTHING…
Yes, that is the honest answer.


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Almere, Enkhuizen, Artis Zoo and Rijkmuseum

By Clayton

Date: February 6, 2016 – Almere and Enkhuizen

The following day we drove to Almere to visit my aunt that lives there. I needed to bring a few things over, which I brought from Suriname and she also knows Farid from a long time ago and this is the first time they saw each other again.

After the visit in Almere were drove to Enkhuizen. A place I have never visited nor heard of before, but it was very historical to put it in words. The entire town looked like a damn painting.

We also visited this pub that has an official “hofleverancier” status. Places with this status are places that have been visited or provided services to the Dutch royal family.
So wait, what? I peed in the same toilet as the current reigning Dutch King? Awesomeness! 😀



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Departure PBM – Destination AMS

By Clayton

Date: February 3, 2016

The day that Ryan (RSA) and I would fly off to The Netherlands to enjoy a well-deserved vacation had finally arrived. This was Ryan’s first time in Europe, so I can imagine the excitement.

We first started the day off by visiting a friend and former colleague as it was her birthday and later that day we met at the airport. At the airport we first helped out one customer in the duty free shopping area that had just started using our software. We even took some time to read and write a few mails in the airport lounge, where I made the blunder of wrongly sending an email to the wrong person, but let’s not get into that.

As night fell it was time to board. The flight as usual feels never-ending. I think we played a few games on an iPad, maybe even some shut eye, but eventually we landed.


In Holland we of course had to go through the annoying security procedures. Which was easier for me than Ryan. Maybe I look less like a suspect. Joking!!! After finding our baggage we went outside, where we were met by Farid, Patrick and Raymill. It felt great to see them again, especially Farid whom we hadn’t seen over 1.5 year since he moved to Holland. Patrick I also hadn’t seen in a while as he didn’t visit Suriname during Christmas 2014 as he has been doing since 2011.

Patrick and Raymill had to go to work, so Farid, Ryan and I made our way to Farid’s place. He lives with his partner in a very nice apartment with a gorgeous overview of Amsterdam. There we just caught up on life and other chitchat.

After that we went into the city center to do some shopping. It was mid-winter and Ryan needed some winter gear. Also we have planned to do a road trip throughout Europe, so we needed to make sure no one was about to catch a cold.


At night time we decided to go all out the first night. We had some drinks on the couch of Farid’s rented apartment, which he never even slept in and only still rented it so Ryan and I had a place to sleep. This was quite an emotional evening as the alcohol did its work and tears started to flow as things that were bottled up were laid on the table. Not exactly for me, because as you know I am very frigid, but we laid all cards on the table and discussed the whole issue of the group of friends that was slowly falling apart.I will not repeat the things said, but I think we all needed that to mend things again. We all understood each other’s own personal struggles a lot better and were able to move on.

But the day wasn’t over yet as we still needed to shock Ryan in the red light district.
I regret not filming the reaction on his face when he saw his first “ladies of the night” under the red lights, behind those glass doors. That was hilarious… from what I can remember.

I think we bar-hopped in the city until we almost started falling asleep in the bars. I remember doing shots with a hot American, entering a very sleazy bar that was another culture shock for Ryan and then we knew it was time to head home. For the sake of alcohol we took public transport and made our way to the rented apartment and Farid went to his living place. We were about to meet up again the next day.

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Flying back…home(?)

By Clayton

Here I am far above the world again. Just beyond the clouds.
Traveling through time and space.

Okay, enough with the poetic bullshit. Lol

Yes, as I am writing I am flying back… home? Let’s say, flying back to the country I live in. The question mark in the previous sentence is, because although I have an “okay” live in Suriname, it just never really seems to feel like I belong there. You know that feeling of something that is missing? That’s what I have. Whereas whenever I am at the other side of the ocean, that feeling is gone. I feel like I belong. But enough about that. After all it’s something I’ve been writing and talking about over and over again.

Those 3 weeks have flown back in a blink of an eye. But at least I enjoyed myself. I did notice that this year I travelled the country less than usual and was mostly just based in the city central of Amsterdam. I also didn’t really go out as often as I usually do. I must be getting old.

Well I went out last night with my Amsterdam friends. I was in bed at 5.30am I guess and was out of it again at 9.300am. Short sleep, hungover and still had to do a few things. So as I am writing now I have yawned more times than I can count and my eyes are to get tired.

Oh Amsterdam, I will miss you. But I will be back! Not sure when, but I will be back.
For now I will enjoy some nice airplane food and then rest my eyes (read: sleep like my life depends on it).

Greetings from 38.000ft in the air.


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Rotterdam – The tourist experience

By Clayton

IMG_20141202_074804In the times that I’ve been to Rotterdam, I’ve never really done anything “tourist-y” until this time…. Let me try to rephrase that sentence; it wasn’t until yesterday that I have had the full “Rotterdam, The Tourist Experience”. Last year when I was here and I had met that-one-gorgeous-grey-eyed-Dutchie we did stroll around the streets of Rotterdam, but this time it was with someone new, whom I’ve had contact almost on a daily basis, but finally met for the first time yesterday. And this time it was more than just a stroll around town. This time it was really from one side to the other side of Rotterdam, including all the “must-see” places of Rotterdam.

We met up at the Central Station after my eye research (see the previous blog post) where we then had to find a place to eat. Since the decision was left to me to make, and since I can be very indecisive, it took quite a few blocks of walking from restaurant to restaurant, before actually entering one.

After that we took the subway to another part of town, where we went on the SS Rotterdam. As a gigantic Titanic fan, I had to keep myself from coming across overly exciting, which I seriously was. That ship is huge and amazing. I could picture myself staying in one of the hotel rooms inside the ship. After another quick bite in there we headed over to another part of town.

20141202_161304 20141202_162353 20141202_162422

I’ve always wanted to go on top of the Euromast, but could never get anyone to actually go with me. Up until now *insert over-the-top evil laughter here*. Once again, I had to contain myself and not act like a…. I don’t know what… let’s just say I was very excited and happy 😀
That view of Rotterdam from the top of the Euromast? Bloody amazing and unforgettable. Good thing I don’t have a fear of heights. I was so pumped up on adrenaline that I didn’t even the cold wind up there.

20141202_182248 20141202_183640 20141202_183406

By the time this was all over it was dinner time and instead of finding another restaurant the-person-whom-I-have-no-nickname-yet-for-my-blog made dinner and since I was too tired to travel and had to be in Rotterdam the next day again, I took the guest fold-out bed and quickly fell asleep. The next day, we parted ways at the same spot that we finally met in person for the first time.

So thank you very-nice-and-cute-German…. Maybe that should be your blog nickname?! 🙂

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Laser eye surgery and a career in aviation

By Clayton

I’ve have been here in Rotterdam for the past 2 days to do an eye research at the Focus Eye Clinic located in “Het Oogziekenhuis Rotterdam”.
(translation: The Eye Hospital Rotterdam).


As I have hinted out in older blog posts, I secretly dream about a career in the aviation. Simply, because I love to travel and I think flying is exciting. Sadly for me, I pass requirements except one important one: my eye sight 🙁

However I have been thinking about getting my eyes lasered to better my vision, knowing that it would never be corrected to 100%, but at least more than 80%. I have even discussed this with my ophthalmologist and asked her to recommend me the best ophthalmologist in The Netherlands that she knows. She recommended me to book an appointment with Drs. Geerards who works in Het Oogziekenhuis in Rotterdam. I managed to arrange a meeting on December 2nd at 8.30 am. That was the only available time in the doctor’s schedule on such short notice so I had no other choice, but to take it.

The night before I went out and only had 2 hours of sleep, before having to wake up at 6 am, to be on the train by 7 am. I wanted to be there as early as possible. I arrived at Rotterdam Central Station shortly before 8 am, and after first taking the right metro in the WRONG direction, I eventually made it to the hospital shortly before 8.30 am.

I was welcomed very friendly by the lady at the desk and had to wait in the lobby before going through a bunch of high tech eye tests – tests I’ve never done before in my life – before actually meeting the doctor almost an hour later.

IMG_20141202_095450 IMG_20141202_105532

Drs. Geerards was very friendly and listened to my story and reason for the laser surgery. Sadly for me, it turns out that laser eye surgery is not an option for my eyes. They wouldn’t help me to see better and would probably do me more harm than good. So this would not be advisable.

Another option for me would be lens implants, but for that I would have to see another doctor who specializes in that. I had to do a few more eye scans and arrange a meeting with the other doctor the next day at 2.30 PM. Since it would be better to just stay in Rotterdam instead of traveling all the way back to Amsterdam, only to return the next day I stayed at a friend’s house (see the next blog post).

The next day
After spending time in the lounge at the central station, lunch with a friend, I made my way back to the hospital. I saw the other doctor, specialized in lens implants and turns out that lens implants are also not an option for me. Reason number one, is that there is not enough space between my cornea and my iris to place a lens. That space is mandatory for a lens to be inserted without causing irritation or any other discomfort. Also I am too young for this. They usually only do this after someone turns 40 years, because there is still a chance of the eye sight improving (or get worse) around my age. So this is also not an option for me.

The only option for me right now, if I don’t want to wear glasses, would be hybrid contacts. Hybrid contacts are a cross between hard contacts and soft contacts. Year ago, I had tried hard contacts, but those things hurt like hell, so I never ever want those torture devices in my eyes again, and soft contacts are not made for my eyesight. So the hybrid lenses are my only hope, which are hard contacts, with soft edges.

However, this would most likely not be accepted in the aviation, so I guess a career in the air is a no-go for me. 🙁

But if I really think about it long enough and if I am really honest I have to ask myself: did I want this because I want to work in the air, or do I want in the air just for the sake of traveling?
Probably the second and I think that could also be achieved by hard work, earning a lot and buying (cheap) plane tickets. So I will most likely simply be working in the IT for a while longer.

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Found myself in another life

By Clayton

Life can be quite weird sometimes.
Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like their life seems oddly familiar? As they start sharing their thoughts and interests it gets even weirder, because you seem like you’ve heard it before?

And then suddenly it hits you…. This person is…. ME! o.O

Met this fellow a few days ago, who is a Dutch writer for local magazines and newspapers and also writes text for websites etc. He is married and lives in the center of Amsterdam, in this amazing house, great interior, loves wine and has a cute little dog.

This is exactly the type of life I imagine myself living if I move to The Netherlands.

One day… One day!


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