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Update on 2017’s NY Post

By Clayton

Before I was about to post my 2018 “Happy New Year” post I re-read my 2017 post.
It appears that I still need to write an update regarding that post since a lot has changed.

Quickly read that post first before reading the below.

The friendship between my best friend and I was restored, shortly after that post – around my birthday. It mostly involved another person that caused interference… let’s call it that and leave it at that. It’s over and all is good again.

In 2016 I probably slept more than I have in recent year. Not nearly as much as I should, but I have at least tried to get some more down time, to prevent myself from burning out. However, this also meant a lot less projects and a lot less money. So I need to find the perfect balance between getting enough sleep and still earning enough to maintain my lifestyle.

Pfft, I bet my blog posts are getting repetitive. This is still a NO-GO for me.

That one crush that started in late 2015 (or 2016), still has been going through all of 2017 and actually reached it peek…. But it also sunk right after that, and I am done.

This is not going to work. I cannot keep falling for someone that never appreciates the things I do, doesn’t see how much effort I am putting in trying to be a better person or never gets any of my signals. At several times in 2017 I even was at that point where I just wanted to blurt out all my feelings, but each time I had to pull back on the last minute because I knew that it was not the right moment or that I would just end up getting hurt. And maybe in some wear twisted part of my mind I rather live in plausible deniability than accept the truth… but now I am done. In retrospect maybe its best I never blurted it out, cause this person will never feel the same and maybe isn’t even someone I really need in my life “in that way”.

Can we move on now?!


Yay, I finished my damn college…. Got my degree… Bachelor in Applied Technology… but what is next now? I don’t know, but I am certainly not going back to any form of school. My knowledge shall be gained through self-study, work experience or any other type of training. I just don’t think I can do any full time study anymore.

So yup… that was 2017 more or less.

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Happy New Year 2018

By Clayton



So that was 2017 and what a ride it has been.
Was it special? I guess… it was okay.
Could have been worse, but also could definitely be better.

Quick recap: Finally finished my college, met some new awesome people, went on a much needed vacation, got to see my favorite band perform live for the 6th time, my older brother got married, work has been very good and I learned a lot this year… and probably much more.

Those that know me long enough know that I stopped with making resolutions long ago.

I do want to work on a few things though…
Like, I need to stop being nice to people that take my actions for granted. Not that I expect anything back, I just really need to learn to think about myself more.

Also I have neglected my blog for way too long and want to actively work on that again.

Last… seriously cut back on my bad eating habits.

Hmm, do these count as resolutions?

Anyways… uh… happy new year again, all the best, etc etc etc…
I am going to eat and watch TV now.

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Blast from the past

By Clayton


I always knew my past would come one day back to haunt me… and it did.

I got tagged on Facebook by an old classmate of mine yesterday. A former classmate from the Catholic Elementary school which I had attended, St. Bernadette School (an Elementary school in Suriname). The picture was not one I hadn’t seen before – I have a printed version of it somewhere in my room – but it was nice to see it digitally AND to reconnect/chat my so many old classmates of mine. Everyone whom was tagged started posting comments, sharing memories and I also received a few new friend requests.

It was interesting, because I remember all the faces, but not the names. I am very bad with names. And certainly with the names of classmates from 14+ years ago.

In the photo I was 12 years old and apparently I was a major nerd back then. Doing other people’s homework, letting others copy mine and probably being one of the goody two-shoes in class. yeah, I think I had nothing better to do back then. haha.

If only I knew how my life would turn around.

Okay on a serious note now. Elementary school was still an “OK” period in my life. Secondary and High School memories really are the ones that I’ve blocked out and stored away somewhere in the deep vaults of my mind.

It was actually quite nice to see some old faces again, because it made me feel quite nostalgic (read: old). The fact that all of them still remember me and my background stories, makes me feel less insignificant as I thought I once was.

To see the infamous picture, check my Facebook profile 😉
(the above picture is obviously a recent one)