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Back the F up!!!

By Clayton

Everyone working in the IT knows that the most number one rule is to always create a backup before making any changes. This is not only something you should do when working in the IT, but be sure to do this with any digital form of data that you own. Trust me. Do this or else you will be sorry!

Frau ärgert sich über ComputerAfter 2 of my external hard drives crashed within 1.5 years I’ve learned the hard way what it is like to lose everything you’ve worked on so hard. It doesn’t matter if it’s your school essays, your precious vacation pictures or your favorite music, losing something hurts. So after having experienced that I basically back up everything I own digitally on more than one device. I think I have online backups, an external hard drive, my laptop’s regular hard drive and also everything burned on plain ol’ DVD’s. You can never have too many backups.

However…. No matter how precautions you are, you sometimes still slip up.

Let me tell you the story of how I lost a client of mine 2 months (or more) of hard work, with a simple click, which could have been prevented if I had made a backup.

For the past few months I have been working on revamping the website of a friend. It has been basically done for months now, just a few minor adjustments and it is ready to go live. The biggest task of this website that was holding up the Go-live date was the huge amount of pictures that needed to be uploaded. Since that part was up to my friend, I made sure I made the website ready so he could work in his own spare time and I simply would wait for his confirmation that he was finished and that the site was ready to go live.

Well that date was scheduled for today. Today I was supposed to the switch from the old site to the new one. And in the morning fix the broken links and make sure that everything was ready.
However yesterday as I was making some final adjustments to the website, I decided to also clean up some user accounts that are no longer needed when the website goes live. As I wanted to delete the user account of a freelancer whom I had hired to help me out with a huge amount of work, I realized too late what the system meant when it asked: “Do you want to delete the folder that user has worked in”.

I clicked on the check mark and clicked on delete.
As I clicked on delete I thought… wait, do they mean…. SHIT…. Noooooooooo!!!!

Those were the thoughts swirling through my head. Sadly, this action was irreversible.
I did manage to download the database that this site is linked to and was able to recreate the structure of the website images folder, but the actual images that are stored on the server were all gone.

I first tried to get some help with the help desk of the web host. They made it clear that it was impossible for me to get the files back. The only way they could do this was to do a disaster recovery, but they charge a fee of $150. I was of course not pleased by this and also asked what other options I have. They said I should make sure to do a backup on the site.


Yes, DUH. I could have figured that one out myself. I asked where the auto backup option was for the server, because there is a notification saying that this is not enabled. Of course they were not able to do this for me and each time I want to do something I need to backup. Well thanks for nothing.

I had no other choice than to tell the bad news to my friend, who happens to be in the role of client at this point. How do you tell someone that you’ve just lost 2 months of hard work that someone has done? Of course he was not pleased I cannot express how sorry felt and angry I was with myself. I cannot stand the feeling of defeat and don’t like to let people down.

Certainly not, because I didn’t think through what the effects of my actions would have been. And all of this could have been prevented if I had simply thought about creating a backup, before doing any other changes.

So readers please remember to always PRESS THE FUCKING BACKUP BUTTON!!!


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Time heals all

By Clayton

What a difference a year makes… one year ago I was floating on butterflies to the castle I had built in the skyline of Rotterdam and one year later I am here sitting behind my desk in a quite warm office in Paramaribo – seriously, what is up with the air-condition today?

One year ago, around this time I had boarded that escalator to the 3rd floor of the department store that your shop is located in. I got off, turned to my left and there you were. You also spotted me within seconds. I had no idea what I was really thinking, but it couldn’t have been anything bad. You were exactly all that I had imagined in the 3 months that we had had contact. Tall, fair-skinned, gorgeous grey eyes, dirty blonde hair, dressed in black and hard at work. Those were my first impression of you.

Now the rest is history. Let’s just say that I had no idea where I would be on year later, but I also had no idea that I would be where I am now. Now that sounds negative, but it’s not exactly. Now 3 months ago I was a total mess, I admit. Now… I feel nothing. What a difference just 3 months can ALSO make, now can it?

I just looked at our picture from what-will-be-this-weekend a year ago, and I literally felt nothing. Which is funny, because this was the same picture that months ago would fill me with hope, the same images that would calm me down in times of stress, the same memory that would give me strength to go on another day…. But now I have found myself again.

Despite what you might think, I do not hate you. I think I am indifferent towards you now. I honestly have no idea how I would react if our paths ever crossed again. I think maybe I might pity you a bit, because you will never understand how I felt, but then again I must remain realistic; there were probably things that I never understood and never will. So let’s just say I’ve carried on. Now let this chapter officially be closed.


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Thank you long weekend

By Clayton

Remember how on Friday I wrote about the things that have been troubling me the past week? Well good news. All over now! 🙂

All EXCEPT the internet problem. Yes, I live in a country that is run by idiots, whom have other idiots working for them. It’s simply idiotic! Let’s not go into details. Let’s just say my internet is still not working, while this should not be the case.

On Friday I thought long and hard about what I did… eventually I gave in. My sobriety and bitter reality were a bit too much. I bought me a bottle of red wine, minutes before the store was about to close – and not even the good one, but at that hour beggars couldn’t be choosers.
After I let the sweet aroma of that bottle escape into my nostrils I already felt like a heavy burden was being lifted from me. I savored the moment of sip and just let my worries slip away.

After I felt like I was a normal human being again – instead of a robot that was reaching the point of self-destruction – I decided to go locate my friends. First possible location where they could have been there was not a soul to be found. At least not a soul that I was looking to find. The second location they had indeed been, but had already left. Next was the last and obvious place for me to find them. I arrived without notifying them beforehand and yes, they were there.

We had a fun time. I decided to stick to red wine as I wasn’t ready for a major hangover the next morning, especially not after 6 weeks. I just needed a night were my thoughts and feelings were mellow. And that was exactly what it turned out to be.

On Saturday my friends and I gathered together again and simply watched lots of TV series and funny YouTube videos until our laughing muscled started to ache and our eyes gave in to exhaustion. After that it was time to make my way to my bed.

Perfect weekend. Just what I needed.


Since it was a long weekend, I had one more day of relaxation. Since I also still have no internet I decided to be productive. I started studying for my examination this week, picked up a book which I’ve been reading on-and-off again (what is this, my love life? Lol) and also opened the novel I’ve started writing years ago, but haven’t touched since 2012 – and even then I think it was simply to edit a few grammar mistakes.

So maybe life without internet isn’t so bad?
Who am I kidding… I AM DYING OVER HERE!!!!

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Game of Thrones personality test!

By Clayton


I just took this Game of Thrones personality test. And I have to say that the result is quite accurate. The first time I read it, I was thinking: “hmm… really?!”, but after reading it again, I think it’s quite accurate to say the least. I guess I am after all the kind of person that likes adventure and new challenges, but in the end just wants to settle down and life a simple, comfortable life.

Taking this test will probably only make sense if you actually watch the show. So if you do, please do and share your results!

Which Game of Thrones character are you? Take the test!


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Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

By Clayton

Only 3 more hours and the year 2013 will be history. Seriously, who pressed the Fast Forward button on time, because time is flying by rapidly!

2013 has been an amazing year for me and I don’t even know where to begin to summarize it. It would be best to just write down a few random words and phrases that come to mind when I think back on this year:

I turned 25, I partied in a limousine, went on a motor boat ride on the river with my friends, flew in a Boeing 777, got a promotion, bought my first car, went to Epica’s Retrospect anniversary show, saw Kamelot for the first time, Revamp, Delain, Serenity, Visions of Atlantis, went to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Gouda, Limburg, Eindhoven, Haarlem, Tilburg, Delft, Almere, Roermond, got addicted to Instagram, actively started using my Twitter, bought 2 new cellphones, made new friends, partied in Amsterdam, fell in love in Rotterdam, got to walk around in snow, got to see my buddy from Hungary again, attended a wedding, sang karaoke, went partying on Halloween, BBQ, cats, babies, church bells, kisses, butterflies, dreams, tears, heartache, disappointments, friends, family, unforgettable hotties, colleagues, rooftops, hotels, pool party, stripper pole (please don’t ask!), road trips, Christmas, Starbucks, red wine, cooking, train stations, haunted house, new website, blog….

These are the things I could think of. There is probably a lot more, but that basically sums it up. There are also a few negative things in that list, but I think we also need bad things in our lives to appreciate the good. 2013 was overall a great year and I think 2014 can only get better.

I have stopped making New Year’s resolutions years ago, because by February I usually already have failed. So instead my new year’s resolution each year is just to LIVE.

Happy New Year everyone and all the best wishes in 2014!

Happy New Year 2014


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X-factor results are like my love life

By Clayton


As I sit here watching yet another shocking The X-factor USA result show I realize that this show is exactly like my love life: shocking, unpredictable and disappointing.

You know how on The X-factor you have this one singer that is really, really, like-seriously-really-good and you are for sure that they will end up in the finals and might possibly even win? Week after week, they give another stellar performance and there seems no end to this flame of success… but suddenly somewhere close to the end of the season, just when you have become comfortable with the idea that this person is THE ONE that has the X-factor and will surely be around next week gets VOTED off.

x-factor-top-6-results-recap*jaw drops* 😮
Eyes wobble -_-
Tears :’(

Sound familiar?
Though so!

That’s exactly how it goes in my life. I meet someone new. Think “OMG I have never felt like this before”…. This one is a keeper. And each week things improve. It all seems great. This one is heading to the finish line…. And suddenly… just like X-factor… fate takes a 90 degree turn and *poef* it’s over… VOTED out of my life… the dream has ended.

Just like the contestant who stands there completely speechless and in shock, I stand there… wondering what went wrong? How could this be over? Confidence destroyed. Dream shattered. Heart broken. The journey has ended in a dead-end!

Yes… and recently fate has decided to “vote” someone out of my life again. 🙁

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Delayed post-vacation depression?

By Clayton

IMG_20131123_193038It’s been 4 days ago since I landed back in Suriname and 3 days ago I started working again. For the first time ever I am feeling completely mellow and not down as I usually am. Usually the first day back at work I am a bit dreamy, emotional and not quite myself. But this time I am not feeling sad, down or dreamy. Just… mellow.

I am a bit scared that I am feeling like this. Could it be that my post-vacation-depression is delayed, just like my flight was (hihi… lol). Or is it that I am not feeling anything, because for the first time ever I feel like I arrived back home completely satisfied and have done all I wanted to do?

Besides that one person whom I really, really, really, really, really (50 times more really) wanted to see, but didn’t, I have basically done all I had planned to do and more. I travelled the Dutch landmark from left to right, up to down. Saw most of my friends, met new people and basically had a fun and relaxing time.

Although the 3 weeks went by so fast, it felt good to wake up Tuesday morning in my own bed. And now to reminisce on the crazy wonderful time I had in The Netherlands.

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50 things I love about life!

By Clayton


In life we are often focused too much on the things we hate that we totally forget about the things we love. Just sit down and think about it. What is it that you love about life?

I was inspired by one of my FB friends to do this (Vlien) and feel free to do the same.
I made a list of things and these are not necessarily THE 50 things I love about life, just THE FIRST 50 things that came to mind.

1.    I love my friends and family
2.    I love Europe. (Holland if I have to pick one country)
3.    I love snow
4.    I love cold temperatures
5.    I love to watch the rain
6.    I love watching movies and TV-series
7.    I love listening to music
8.    I love operatic vocals
9.    I love choirs in symphonic (metal) music
10.    I love to analyze lyrics
11.    I love to watch live performances of bands/singers on YouTube
12.    I love to attend concerts
13.    I love to travel
14.    I love the feeling I get when I am sitting in an airplane
15.    I love designing things (graphics, websites)
16.    I love building websites
17.    I love gazing at the stars and moon
18.    I love to sing along to music
19.    I love spending time online
20.    I love to talk with friends about everything and nothing
21.    I love to take photos of things
22.    I love to stare into someone’s eyes
23.    I love to fall asleep next to someone I’m in love with
24.    I love to wake up next to someone I’m in love with
25.    I love to be in love (or have a crush on someone)
26.    I love to buy random gifts for my friends
27.    I love writing
28.    I love to walk in a big city and just enjoy the scenery
29.    I love to have my own free space or to be alone at times
30.    I love to laugh
31.    I love dreaming
32.    I love to be spontaneous
33.    I love to things that are out of the ordinary
34.    I love to keep things organized
35.    I love to solve problems (if I am able to do so)
36.    I love to think about pleasant memories
37.    I love it when I have something to be excited about
38.    I love foreign languages
39.    I love accents (preferably Dutch or British)
40.    I love perfumes
41.    I love puppies
42.    I love to read books
43.    I love to learn new things
44.    I love it when my head hits my pillow after a long day of work
45.    I love doing crazy things with my friends
46.    I love to eat things you don’t eat on a daily basis
47.    I love (white or dark/pure) chocolate
48.    I love (dry) red wine
49.    I love cold beverages (ice coffee and smoothies)
50.    I love to be around people that are amusing, spontaneous and crazy as I am 🙂