Nothing tastes better than BBQ and Drama

by Clayton
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If my life was the real-life-version of the Gossip Girl book series, this weekend’s party would have been a typical storyline. Below is probably how GG would have spilled the news about this weekend’s party.


Disclaimer: All the real names of places, people and events have been altered or abbreviated to protect the innocent. Namely, me.

Hey people!

Nothing tastes better than BBQ and Drama

Don’t you just love those Saturday afternoons when you and your friends meet up for a nice barbeque and cocktails? Of course you do! There’s nothing like some good music, chit-chat, drinking games and a moment to forget that Monday the madness starts again. But wouldn’t it be even better to add some drama, uninvited guests, silent wars, uncomfortable silence, awkward stares and inappropriate touching to the menu? Now that is a pAArty we all L-O-V-E to attend.

The uninvited
So this weekend was the big invitation only BBQ + tapas party everyone was dying to go to. The menu looked very inviting and so did the guest list. The party started at 20.00hrs though the preparations had started since earlier that day. Slowly guests started pouring in and it seemed like to be a normal evening with friends until the party got crashed by this uninvited guests. Jaws dropped and the sound of whispers filled the air. That was the beginning of what would turn out to be a very interesting evening. Now you know what I always say: “The best parties to attend are the ones you were NOT invited to!”
I think our little party crasher (yes, that’s pun intended) must be a fan of my blog.
Everyone was dying to say goodbye and good riddance to this “you’re-not-welcome-so-please-leave” guest, but apparently the-invited-guest missed the memo and just lingered on and on and just annoyed the hell out of a lot of people. Not to mention the odd conversations, the unintelligent remarks and the inappropriate touching.

Silent wars
Besides the above, there were also a few silent wars raging in girl world. The men were rooting for an ugly cat fight, for they had the pillows and their camera-phones ready, sadly for their psychotic pleasure none of that happened. The awkward hello and goodbye was all that happened. Boring!
It appears that none of the girls know the reason why they don’t speak or like each other; they just don’t. Maybe they should just kiss and make up. I’m sure the boys would like to see that scene.

The guest of honor was missing
The whole idea for this event was sort of planned for one person and his group of friends, but after 2 hours of the start of the event the guest of honor hadn’t arrived yet. Probably fornicating the bed sheets for the last time with a “certain insecure guest with a hidden agenda”.
Rumor has it this isn’t the only act of sexual satisfaction that has been going on in a 24-hour time slot; whispers have reached our ear that this is the second partner in crime for the day. Well, well, well… you know what they say about silent waters, right?

The closeted guest
The next mishap in the long list of juicy events was the arrival of the closeted homosexual who first didn’t want to attend for he feared the ones he’s hiding from were also at the party. Little does he know that everyone already knows about his sexual orientation and his nightly activities! Did anyone notice how he tried to hang with the straight men the entire evening – probably a last feeble attempt to save his pride! Project: FAILED!

The case of the missing shoes
And to put the icing on the cake of this fabulous party a pair of heeled shoes had gone missing. Now I’m not saying that they got stolen as a vendetta against the victim, but it is an option!
Either that or prince charming hasn’t read the script correctly; the girl is suppose to run away when the clock strikes twelve and leave behind a shoe. You weren’t suppose to steal it you buffoon.

So that’s what you missed. Next time you’ll think twice about skipping out on a party.

You know you love me,

xoxo Gossip Girl

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