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Smartphone Photography

By Clayton

It’s quite amazing the wonders you can do these days in photography with a simple-but-advanced smartphone – I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. Today I took the below pictures, opened them with a photo editing app, played around with the brightness and other settings a bit, slapped a filter on it and VOILA!!!

Suriname’s Presidential Palace


Date: April 13, 2014
Location: Paramaribo, Suriname

More information on this building can be read on Wikipedia!

2014-08-13-15.33.23 2014-08-13-15.33.40

The photos here untouched and original. The only reason why it looks so blurry is, because it was raining and it was taken behind the glass of my car window. Another simple trick. Haha

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Short videos of Revamp and Kamelot

By Clayton

Here are 2 videos, which I forgot to share earlier of Revamp and Kamelot in Tilburg last month. Since my camera battery was low, I wasn’t able to film the entire songs. But there will be a Kamelot documentary from that night coming out eventually, so there is still a chance to see more.