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    My 27th Birthday Celebration

    By Clayton

    A week ago I celebrated my 27th birthday. The years seems to be flying buy faster than fresh baked bread at the bakery on a Saturday morning o.O

    IMG_20150130_214949I didn’t really want to do anything big for my birthday, but I wanted to at least feel like I had fun that weekend. This is exactly what last weekend was.

    I started the celebration on Friday after a dinner party with the office. But sadly I was too exhausted from the week of hard work, that I didn’t stay out too late. I went home early to gain some energy for the eve of my birthday.

    On that night I want out with a few friends to Next Club Suriname, which is a trendy night club which I had visited once before. It reminds me very much of clubs in Amsterdam, so I knew that was the place I wanted to go out. Apparently we all had a little bit too much fun, because as the hours flew by, so did the memories of that night. Curse you Jaggermeister!!! XD

    IMG_20150201_015514 IMG_20150201_030959

    Later that day around 19.00h I invited my friends to have dinner at my house.


    I also had ordered a special designed birthday cake, but that wasn’t finished until later that night. So I went with my friends to pick up the birthday cake, where we cut it at our usual watering hole. After the cake was finished and it was passed midnight we all went home.

    Thanks everyone for making me feel special on my birthday 🙂


  • pAArty Travel & Adventure

    Parbo Night Nickerie

    By Clayton

    Last weekend I went to the countryside district of Suriname again: Nickerie.
    I just scrolled down my timeline and noticed that it was exactly 2 years ago that I also went there for the very first time. However, this time was a lot more fun than the first time I was there. The countless amounts of drinks I had could probably have been what made the difference with the previous time. XD

    IMG_20140927_110722The main reason why I was there was for this regular event thrown by our national beer company: Parbo Bier, known as Parbo Night. I’ve never been to any of these Parbo Nights, because I don’t drink beer, but since I had a VIP invitation and had nothing better to do anyways, I decided to tag along.

    Nickerie is about 200+ km away from the city, so the drive is about 3-4 hours. It was early morning and I was still tired, because… it was early morning!!!

    IMG_20140929_111434We arrived in Nickerie in the afternoon and did some driving around, had dinner and then I just needed to take a nap if I was going to go out. I was barely able to get any shut eye, because the guys in the living room were quite noisy. Around 6.00 PM I woke up. My friends and I went for a quick drive to the seawall to watch the sunset. Seriously, from this part of the country you can get a glimpse of the best sunsets ever. See the picture on the side.

    IMG_20140927_183123After that we crossed the street to this bar/hangout-place-thingy. This was the most awkward place I’ve ever been to in a while. There was this rooftop view with beds and hammocks. I have no idea what the beds are for, but I wouldn’t dare lie down on one of them. There was also this overly confident, overly sexual female bartender that was basically hitting my friends and touching them to the point where it was uncomfortable to watch. By 8.00 PM we went back to the house to get ready for the party.

    Now I don’t have much memory of the party, but I do remember it being very crowded and wickedly FUN! I don’t think the Nickerians are used to this much fun and commotion, because after a while there was a crowded just standing around me and staring with their mouths open. No, I’m not making this up! Even the people at the VIP deck could see me standing in front near the stage. Guess it was a very wild party.

    IMG_20140929_141428After the Parbo Night started becoming less interesting we all went to this night club, where once again we were the center of attention of the local Nickerians. That was a really fun place, with amazing food. Yes, Nickerie is so cool that you can even order a bucket of curry duck at 2.00 AM in the morning. Seriously!!!

    Close to 4 or at least I think it was close to 4, we went home and I immediately fell asleep after a refreshing shower. It was a great night.

    Around 10.00 AM we all were up, had some food, talk about all the escapades from the night before and left the house at 1.00 PM. We went back to the city, which meant another 3-4 hour drive. I even fell asleep on the backseat of the car, because I was still very much exhausted. When I arrived home I didn’t do much and it didn’t take long before I fell into a 9.5 hour deep sleep dreaming!

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    Unexpected fun weekend

    By Clayton

    This weekend turned out to be quite a bit better than I expected it to be.

    On Friday night I received no usual “what are we doing tonight” text messages from my friends, so I expected that there were no party plans for that weekend. So I grabbed a book and started reading, but I did want to go out. Especially since the week before when I had a week off I really wanted to go out, but no one responded to my messages. Later I did find out that there were plans made with other friends, so I was a bit bumped out.

    After a while I was a bit tired of reading… still no messages… midnight drawing near… I then jumped in the shower and got myself ready to go out… on my own.

    I’ve never done this before in Suriname (only when abroad). I first had a few sips of red wine and made my way to my friends and I usual watering hole. None of my usual friends where to be found only a few other familiar faces. I tried to socialize a bit, but was still wondering where the rest was. Found out via social media that they were at the usual Friday evening dance club, so by 1 am I made my way there.

    IMG_20140705_010202 IMG_20140705_025122 IMG_20140705_034514

    By that time it didn’t even matter where everyone was and we just had a good time, with some new and old friends. Close to 5 am we had the crazy idea to go skinny dipping, just like we did a couple of times last year, far out of town in one of the creeks. We did so and eventually returned back to the city when the sun was already up. I arrived home at 8 am and made my way to my bed as soon as possible. Slept until the afternoon.

    Later one of my friends wanted to meet up again, but I was still beat up that I just fell asleep before I could get myself ready. I slept a good 10 hours.

    IMG_20140706_201259The next day wasn’t really that interesting – lied mostly in bed again – but went out to watch a seminar at a local business fair. Which was quite fun. 2 friends of mine were also there and we later went to eat at a recently opened Chinese restaurant. A few more drinks and hanging out and I arrived home just before midnight. My body wasn’t tired yet, so I didn’t go to bed until close to 2 am, where I was resting my head to start a new work week.

    So a weekend, which I had planned to lie in bed and read all weekend, turned out to be a little more interesting after all. Until next weekend. 🙂

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    My 26th Birthday Celebration

    By Clayton

    Somewhere in between space and time I began my 26th year on planet earth last Saturday. I have no idea how these 26 solar orbits, which I’ve witnessed so far, passed me by, but apparently they did.

    *takes a deep sigh*

    Oh well… at least I had a blast celebrating this fact. Actually, a lot more fun than I had even planned or anticipated for. Things just… happened… and I didn’t even have time yet to process it all. As I think back, I don’t really know everything that I did or what happened in that 24-hour-radius on February 1st of the year 2014, I just have flashes of moments in my head. And maybe that’s a good thing. Life is short, right?! #YOLOSWAGLOL

    It all started on January 31st, which turned out in my favor to be a local national holiday: Chinese New Year – year of the horse. Don’t ask! We have all kinds of weird and random national holidays in this country. But I honestly didn’t mind. This was going to be MY birthday party weekend. I even had the next Monday of, so I had my own mini-vacation.

    On Friday evening I met my friends at Farid’s house, where we played a hilarious card game. Since we’re all of legal age we turned it into a drinking game, which resulted in a couple empty bottles. After we were all already feeling happy (read: very drunk), we made our way to our favorite watering hole to do one more round of drinks. Farid stayed home, because he was already passed out.

    After we did one round, we made our way to our usual Friday evening dance club. Okay, here is where it’s all a blur to me. I only remember the following: great music, my friends dancing around, Dominique screaming to everyone “it’s his birthday”, us jumping on the dance floor, me making out with someone… *OMG, really?!*… some more dancing to the point where we couldn’t anymore and all magically safely ended up home. I think we must have teleported home, because I have no memory of that part. That night did end quite different than I expected it to, but no complaints. 🙂

    I arrived home around 7.30am – dad already awake and the first family member in Holland to congratulate me. I had only been sleeping for 3 hours when I woke again. I had to buy a few things for the birthday meal and I wanted to avoid too much Saturday afternoon traffic as much as possible. After I had done my shopping, I made my way home to eat, quickly my godfather who came to visit and finally rest.

    Sadly, my thoughts of cuddling with my pillows were cut short when my dad and brother decide to clean outside. I was woken by the water pressure cleaner, so decided to just stay awake instead. Shortly after 18.00hrs my older brother came to visit. After some chitchatting, more eating and picture-taking it was time for me to get ready to go back to Farid’s place where I had asked my friends to meet me. My mother was already exhausted from slaving herself in the kitchen the entire day, so instead of inviting my friends at my place, I asked Farid if I could meet my friends there.

    After some eating and drinking, we made our way to our usual bar – the same one from the night before – because I had asked the owner if I could throw my birthday “party” there. The word party is highly overrated, because all I asked for is a corner to host my friends and anyone who wanted to come was welcome. I had made a CD with my favorite dance music and I was allowed to play it. This is where there was another blank moment in my memory. Somehow a small party with a group of 8 people had gone wild… Music, a dancing pole, body shots and a crazy photoshoot went on. I don’t remember. I just concluded all of this from the photos on my camera. I also don’t remember much just that I didn’t make it too late, because for my own safety I went home. Good thing I guess.

    At least I had fun!! 🙂

    Part 1
    SAM_1208 2014-02-01-00.06
    SAM_1228 SAM_1230 2014-02-01-03.16

    Part 2
    2014-02-01-15.24 2014-02-01-18.57 2014-02-01-21.16

    Part 3
    2014-02-02-00.34 2014-02-02-01.42 SAM_1240
    DSC_0424 SAM_1239 SAM_1269
    SAM_1279 SAM_1282 SAM_1298

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    Holiday season in Suriname

    By Clayton

    coolrudolfrgbMy mother and younger brother are flying off to Holland tonight. This will be my first Christmas and New Year without my mom and I have seriously considered flying off with them. It’s also my mom’s 50th birthday on January 1st so that was another reason to fly away with them.

    However… I will be staying right here at home with dad in Suriname. After all everyone knows that Suriname is THE place to be December. Lots of friends living abroad have already flown in, food everywhere, another party of dinner to attend each day and basically non-stop fun.

    The fact that I am right here recovering from a hangover after gone out for the 3rd night in a row AND in about 3 hours I have a Christmas dinner to attend is proof that there’s no other place like Suriname to be during this time of the year.

    And the best thing is… this is still going to continue for 10 more days!!! 😀 #iLoveDecember

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    My 25th Birthday Celebration

    By Clayton

    It’s official! I’m OLD! Since last Friday I am now a quarter of century old.
    Soon it’s time for marriage, babies and… wait… I don’t have to. lol 😀
    I’m 25 and instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to celebrate it the way that represents me the best: crazy and over the top 😀

    I do have to thank my closest friends for helping to make this day unforgettable. Without their help, my night wouldn’t have been as epic and unforgettable as it was.

    New Aquarius necklaceI first had my older brother Ivan over at home. He presented me with a really cool necklace which he and his girlfriend Lynsey bought me. Lynsey herself couldn’t come, because she’s sick with the flu.
    The necklace is really cool. The pendant has an Aquarius symbol on it. I LOVE IT! It’s a lot nicer than the Aquarius necklace I had bought myself not too long ago. I decided to wear the new necklace that same night as I was getting myself ready for an epic night out.

    Since my street is under construction and un-drivable at the moment I had Dominique pick me up and go to Farid’s house where we would go to for pre-party drinks. The plans for the night were:
    – We were going to meet up at Farid’s house for pre-party drinks
    – After the drinks we would go to this really cool penthouse owned by an Italian guy, a new friend of Farid’s, where we would enjoy some snacks, more drinks and cut the birthday cake
    – A limousine which I had rented would pick us at the penthouse, drive us around
    – Finally we would go out dancing in club Night Fever

    All went as planned and we had a blast.
    We just a problem with the limo driver that was a mayor d!ckhead. I have already filled a complaint to the limo company and I will not be renting anything from them again. They don’t know how to deliver a quality service. Having said that, I still had a great night!
    Thank you Farid, Dominique, Ryan-S, Ranvir, Patrick and Alex.

    Below are the photos of my epic and unforgettable night.
    Hope you enjoy them and as usual a lot more of Facebook.

    Also thank you everyone else that has sent me their congratulations and had called. It was nice to feel special…. We are all allowed to do so once a year. 😀

    Gotta stand out from the rest on my b-b-b-day!  My bfffffff's - Dominique and Farid Ranvir and I
    DSCF5704 Tapas Domique and Ryan
    Blowing out the 25 candles Alex I love these crazy kids :)
    It's big, long and black :) Posing in front of the limo Posing in front of the limo
    Posing in front of the limo Posing in front of the limo 72kg of man meat :p

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    My 24th Birthday Celebration

    By Clayton

    Yesterday I celebrated my 42nd… oops, I mean 24th birthday 🙂
    It’s quite shocking when you realize just how fast a year goes by. Didn’t I recently celebrate my 23th birthday?

    This year I really had no idea what to do for my birthday. I didn’t even feel like my birthday was coming up, at least not until I was receiving the first congratulations from friends living in Europe. It was around 20.00h local time (meaning already February 1st in Europe) when my phone started showing notifications of new messages. After having received about 5 congratulations I was starting to feel the thrill of my birthday. This was only the beginning of a long list of more messages to come.

    After 12.00pm I met up with my two best friends Dominique and Farid. We did a few (read: a lot of) tequila shots. Received my first (or technically second) birthday gift, which was a cookbook. Yes, my dear readers. My friends encourage me to start preparing my own meals. lol.
    After the drinks, Doki and I drove around, but everywhere was already closed, so instead we went home to sleep.

    I slept that day until 11AM and didn’t really do anything much until 12. My phone was constantly filling with new messages. BBM, Facebook, emails, sms messages, whatsapp… strangely no phone calls. At least not on my mobile phone. Just on our home number. I spent most of the afternoon doing nothing much. At 18.00h I even had to go to school for a quick presentation and around 19.30 I was back at home. I had told my guests to visit at that hour. My “guests” were only my brother, his girlfriend and Farid. They ate, drank and left. It was time for me to go out.

    My new cookbook Lynsey, Ivan and Leroy Farid @ mi casa

    First it was a movie with friend, after that some more drinking and after that Doki and I went to pick up my friend Zoureena, who had to perform that night and after that went to Club Touche to dance the night away.

    So I didn’t really have a birthday party, but had loads of fun with my close friends. Next year is my 25th birthday and I might have a big celebrating. For now I am content with the day I had 🙂

    Clayton and Zoureena @ Touche Clayton and Dominique @ Touche Zoureena and I at Club Touche

    (If you want to see more photos, just check my Facebook profile)

    Below I have a list of ALL the people who sent me messages, called me or thank me in person. Thanks a lot everyone. I really appreciate all the kind words.


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    Back to reality!

    By Clayton

    One week later…
    Back to work, back to college, back to my life … back to reality.
    The alarm clock went off and the dream is over.


    It wasn’t a dream. It was all real. Those 6 days were all real. And I am not allowed to complain. I have no reason whatsoever. Well, just that it all went by so fast, but I returned to my country a content young man.

    After Thursday the 19th of May, the day of the Epica concert, I was in a state of disbelief, but at the same time in eternal bliss. It didn’t hit me that it all went down until a few days later when I was back in Suriname. That’s when I started to get emotional and wanted to go insane… the good kind of insanity 😉

    My last few days in Amsterdam were nothing less than exciting; just like the other days have been.
    On Saturday I packed my bags, because on Sunday I was going to sleep at my uncle’s house, who lives about 8 minutes from the airport. That Saturday I was also going out with a friend from Rotterdam, so I wouldn’t have the time to pack in the evening and I was afraid that I would be too tired to do so in the morning. I decided to do the packing sooner rather than later.  Good thing I did.

    As the night fell upon the sky I made my way to the centre of Amsterdam where I first met up with friend no. 1 from Amsterdam for drinks and later my other friend from Rotterdam arrived. It was the eve of his birthday of friend no.2 so we were going to party. I had a birthday present all the way from Suriname, which I’m sure he loved.
    After the drinks, the friend from Rotterdam and I went to paint the town red.
    It became a very late night and when we were done clubbin’ the sun was already up. I didn’t arrive back at my aunt’s house until 8.15 AM. Latest I’ve ever been out… 🙂
    The main reason why I arrived at home so late was because the public transportation in Amsterdam doesn’t start driving until 8 o’ clock on Sundays and my OV-chip card didn’t work on the night-bus.  My friend had already taken the train back to Rotterdam so I was all alone.
    What to do? Sit and wait on the steps like all the other late night party-people did; waiting for the subway station to open.

    On Sunday afternoon went to my uncle in a small town known as Osdorp, and spent the night.
    The next morning I did a few last-minute-shopping at the supermarkets and by 11 AM I was at the airport. I had this little problem with one of my bags. The stitching started to come loose and I feared that it would tear more once it was sent to the luggage compartment of the airplane.
    I made my way to the Seal and Go area of the airport and had to pay €30,- to put a strap around my bag and seal it. It was either that or buy new a new luggage bag of € 120,-

    After checking in and received my boarding pass I decided to stroll around the airport shops. Bought something for a friend, bought a meal at Burger King and a bit later decided to go to the departure area of the airport. Once inside I had to sit and wait some more before we were allowed to board the airplane. On my way to the airplane gate I walked passed a Starbucks. I didn’t have many Euro’s left so I had to decide between buying coffee and snacks or an official Starbucks tumbler. I went for the tumbler. The price of the tumbler was EXACTLY the amount of Euro’s I had left with me.

    At around 14.30 I had boarded the plane and at 15.00h we took off. On our way to Paramaribo, Suriname. The flight was 9 hours and 20 minutes and not the steadiest flight. A lot of turbelance. A few heavy ones too, but nothing too life threatening. I’ve been through worse.
    During the flight I finally took out my SQL + databases book to study for the examination I had the following day. It was my intention to study during the vacation, but as we all know, studying during a vacation is barely possible. The following day it was back to work and later my examination. Please don’t ask how that went. I don’t know!!! I did what could :-/

    So that’s it. I’ve had a mini-AMAZING-one-week-vacation in the Netherlands.
    I’m well rested, distressed and ready to get back to it all again.

  • pAArty

    Nothing tastes better than BBQ and Drama

    By Clayton

    If my life was the real-life-version of the Gossip Girl book series, this weekend’s party would have been a typical storyline. Below is probably how GG would have spilled the news about this weekend’s party.


    Disclaimer: All the real names of places, people and events have been altered or abbreviated to protect the innocent. Namely, me.

    Hey people!

    Nothing tastes better than BBQ and Drama

    Don’t you just love those Saturday afternoons when you and your friends meet up for a nice barbeque and cocktails? Of course you do! There’s nothing like some good music, chit-chat, drinking games and a moment to forget that Monday the madness starts again. But wouldn’t it be even better to add some drama, uninvited guests, silent wars, uncomfortable silence, awkward stares and inappropriate touching to the menu? Now that is a pAArty we all L-O-V-E to attend.

    The uninvited
    So this weekend was the big invitation only BBQ + tapas party everyone was dying to go to. The menu looked very inviting and so did the guest list. The party started at 20.00hrs though the preparations had started since earlier that day. Slowly guests started pouring in and it seemed like to be a normal evening with friends until the party got crashed by this uninvited guests. Jaws dropped and the sound of whispers filled the air. That was the beginning of what would turn out to be a very interesting evening. Now you know what I always say: “The best parties to attend are the ones you were NOT invited to!”
    I think our little party crasher (yes, that’s pun intended) must be a fan of my blog.
    Everyone was dying to say goodbye and good riddance to this “you’re-not-welcome-so-please-leave” guest, but apparently the-invited-guest missed the memo and just lingered on and on and just annoyed the hell out of a lot of people. Not to mention the odd conversations, the unintelligent remarks and the inappropriate touching.

    Silent wars
    Besides the above, there were also a few silent wars raging in girl world. The men were rooting for an ugly cat fight, for they had the pillows and their camera-phones ready, sadly for their psychotic pleasure none of that happened. The awkward hello and goodbye was all that happened. Boring!
    It appears that none of the girls know the reason why they don’t speak or like each other; they just don’t. Maybe they should just kiss and make up. I’m sure the boys would like to see that scene.

    The guest of honor was missing
    The whole idea for this event was sort of planned for one person and his group of friends, but after 2 hours of the start of the event the guest of honor hadn’t arrived yet. Probably fornicating the bed sheets for the last time with a “certain insecure guest with a hidden agenda”.
    Rumor has it this isn’t the only act of sexual satisfaction that has been going on in a 24-hour time slot; whispers have reached our ear that this is the second partner in crime for the day. Well, well, well… you know what they say about silent waters, right?

    The closeted guest
    The next mishap in the long list of juicy events was the arrival of the closeted homosexual who first didn’t want to attend for he feared the ones he’s hiding from were also at the party. Little does he know that everyone already knows about his sexual orientation and his nightly activities! Did anyone notice how he tried to hang with the straight men the entire evening – probably a last feeble attempt to save his pride! Project: FAILED!

    The case of the missing shoes
    And to put the icing on the cake of this fabulous party a pair of heeled shoes had gone missing. Now I’m not saying that they got stolen as a vendetta against the victim, but it is an option!
    Either that or prince charming hasn’t read the script correctly; the girl is suppose to run away when the clock strikes twelve and leave behind a shoe. You weren’t suppose to steal it you buffoon.

    So that’s what you missed. Next time you’ll think twice about skipping out on a party.

    You know you love me,

    xoxo Gossip Girl

  • Clay's Personal pAArty

    My 23rd Birthday Celebration

    By Clayton

    It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.
    Cry if I want to, cry if I want to…
    You would cry too if it happened to you!

    No, my friends… there were no tears of sadness on my birthday, but only tears of laughter and joy on the 1st day of February 2011.

    We’ve come to that day of the year again. It has been a month since the New Year has started; 31 days have passed and it’s about time let it sink in that time is a concept that doesn’t linger, but flies at rapid speed.
    It also happens to be my birthday on the 1st of February. It is now 23 years that I dwell upon this earth and I’m sure I have many more years to go. I’m not ready to die just yet.

    On my birthday someone sent me his condolences, for I am one year closer to my death. I actually never really looked at it like that, but he is absolutely right. It is one year closer to the day I pass on to the other side. Should I celebrate, must I grieve or should I just be thankful for making it thus far? I prefer to do the latter. Just be thankful that I’ve lived to see another day.

    I took the day off, because I didn’t feel like being exhausted at the end of the night. I also didn’t have any classes to attend on that day, so I had the entire day to myself. On the eve of my birthday I went to bed quite late, because I was up all night preparing for the launch of this very website/blog and eventually most of it was a waste, because the layout I had designed for the blog doesn’t want to appear the way it should for some unknown reason. Oh well, I’ll try to figure it out another time when I’m less preoccupied. Instead I went with a pre-designed layout, tweeked it to my content and voilà… here it is!!

    So I woke up around 10.30 AM that day… no I actually think it was earlier when my uncle had called to congratulate me on the phone. But after that I fell asleep again. I woke up a few hours later, read the tons of text messages and facebook posts and  finally went to pick up the first birthday cake I had ordered for my colleagues at work. I arrived at the hotel and gathered everyone around. They sang Happy Birthday to me, splattered my face in the cake and I received a really cool shirt. By the time I left the building it was already 14.45 and I needed to be at home to make arrangements for the night.

    There was a fiasco with my second birthday cake and that almost ruined the night. I happen to have friends in high places, who were able to pull a few strings and make special arrangements for me. No one was going to stop me from having the birthday celebration I wanted.

    I had decided to do something totally different this year. I could have simply choose to do nothing and just make the day pass just like I did last year, but I choose not to. Every Tuesday night there is karaoke night at a local sports bar called: EIGHT BALL. It’s a nice small bar where you can dine and play pool. And on Tuesdays, as I had mentioned already, they have karaoke. Now who doesn’t like a night of karaoke? It’s the only time when you get praised for having a horrible singing voice. This isn’t American Idol and Simon Cowell is nowhere in sight, so fear not, drunk up and start singing!

    I invited a few good friends, colleagues and family to join the party. We were in a group of 11 and that was good enough for me. Things started slow at first. We had a few drinks, quickly caught up with the ones I’ve not seen in a while and decided to cut the cake before the clock struck twelve and the spell would wear off…. 😀 ignore that last line.
    We arranged the candles, which were actually more than 23 I believe, but who cares… we were all eager to dig in. Happy Birthday was sung one more time, I made a birthday wish, blew out my 23-or-something candles and cut the very first peace. Once again, as tradition my face had to be plastered in the vanilla-cream-cake nearly suffocating me.
    (“Death by birthday cake!” now how cool would that be for a paper header?)

    So now it was time to get the evening started. We sang, we danced, we drank… in short we made complete idiots of ourselves. I was actually the biggest idiot and never would have done the things I did that night if it wasn’t for those multiple tequila shots, the vodka shots, the caipirinha or I don’t know what kind of alcohol/cocktail I had that night.
    Thank God, I had one of my BFF’s the singer/model/miss Suriname 2009/casual actress/divine- human-being/the queen bee (or plain Zourie as I’d like to call her) there, who probably was the only real singer out of the bunch, to come to rescue when things went really bad.

    Now here is a few of the songs that I can remember that we sang (in random order):
    – DJ SAMMY – Heaven
    – MADONNA – Like a virgin
    – MADONNA – Don’t cry for me Argentina
    – EVANESCENCE – Bring me to life
    – QUEEN – Bohemian Rhapsody
    – QUEEN – We will rock you
    – QUEEN – We are the champion
    – KYLIE MINOGUE – The One
    – MARILYN MANSON – Tainted Love
    – HINDER – Lips of an Angel
    – RICKY MARTIN – Livin’ la vida loca
    – RICKY MARTIN – Shake your bon-bon
    – LADY GAGA – Paparazzi
    – GUNS N’ ROSES – Sweet Child of mine
    – THE CRANBERRIES – Zombie

    That’s all I remember. Anyone remember more, please contact me so I can edit the list. It really was a AWeSome night filled with AWESOMEness. 😀

    The highlight for me was me singing Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. I’ve been a fan of that band since 2003. And I may not listen to them as much anymore, but back in those days I was a really, really, reaaaaalllyyy crazy obsessed fanboy. Ask me anything of the band and I’ll tell you right now. Those who know me well don’t need an explanation of how huge my fan-frenzy was. So I’ve been wanting to do what I did on that night for years. I never had the actual guts. I may not know how to sing, but I surely didn’t care and just had to do it. Along with the Amy-Lee-power-punch, the dramatic hand gestures and the facial expressions. And let’s not forget the jumping and the dancing. Yes, I actually did it all…. I regretted it all the next morning, but I did it. I saw a few videos the next day, not of the BTML performance, but of others songs and still went OMG… so I pray that there’s not one of me singing BTML. I swear I’ll sue if I find any youtube videos 😛

    We left the bar at 3 AM, most guest had already left earlier, because most had to work the following morning or attend classes. I myself was off the next day and so were my two BFF’s D. and Z. so they left the party with me. Had a few gifts and leftover cake. My best friend Doki drove, because according to her I wasn’t in a state to drive. In her words: “You know it’s a bad thing to die on your birthday, right?”
    After Z. was brought home, DD went drove to her house and I took the wheel myself home and arrived safe and sound. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep content with life and not a worry. The next day I had to face reality again, bur for a few hours I didn’t want to think and just slumber in a peaceful night rest.

    Thank you guys for attending the party:
    Doki, Zourie, Ivan, LynC, Stephy, Farid, Patrick, Kenny and Dorothy!
    You guys made my night and I shall cherish the memory forever.

    Also the tons of facebook wallposts and the text messages, pings, emails and phone calls.
    CLICK HERE to see my facebook photos if you are in my friends list.

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