29th Birthday Eve

by Clayton
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It’s the eve of my 29th birthday and I am here sitting alone in my room, drinking a glass of Smirnoff Ice, listening to Lana Del Rey’s album Born to Die and writing this blog obviously. There is a scented candle burning in front of me… there is no real reason for that. It just smells good and I like that. There also is no purpose for this blog post yet. I decided to just write and let the words write themselves.

I just finished wrapping 2 gifts. No not for myself. I’m not THAT lonely.
But wait… it’s almost your birthday… shouldn’t YOU be getting gift is probably what you are thinking.
Yes, you are correct, but I just like to spoil others, so I have decided to give gifts to 2 people. Both spontaneous, both for various reasons.

Carmen just started playing… I love this song.

Oops, sorry, got distracted. Still have no idea what this blog is about.

I do not feel like reflecting on my life right now. Feels a bit like a waste.
Not my life… the reflecting at the moment. I think I am about to finish this glass and go watch some YouTube videos until I fall asleep.

Good night world!

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