The eagerly awaited break!

by Clayton
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Time to blow off the dust of this blog.

It has been a while since I’ve typed in a few new words.
Actually I have been writing… a lot actually… sadly, not the kind I prefer.
I’ve had the busiest time these last few weeks (months?), but finally it’s over… sort of.

The school break is here. It’s the equivalent of what they call in the US “summer vacation”. But since my college is anything from ordinary it’s not really a break. It’s more like the calm before the storm. I will not really try to analyze it too much. Let’s just say the long awaiting and much deserved time of freedom is here, and although it’s short I will enjoy every second of it as much as I possibly can. My eagerly awaited break! 🙂

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This so called “eagerly awaited break” is just me getting more than 4-5 hours of sleep a day – as I usually do – and spending most of the time that I am awake (and not at work) behind my laptop catching up on the tons of TV series/shows and movies that I have little to any time for. Yes, I am a mayor TV series/ movie geek in case you didn’t know already.

TV has thought me more than school ever has, is what I always say 🙂

A few weeks I finished watching Sex and the City, after binge watching that for weeks. Finished the fifth season on True Blood a few days ago, started with The Walking Dead a few days ago and finished the first season on Friday and also I’ve started with the much-talked-about show Game of Thrones. And those are the “mayor” series. I have tons of what I call “minor series” to watch, which mostly sitcoms are. I love them all. I also watch lots of the movies which I have not been able to see in the cinema due to a very busy schedule.

But don’t think that ALL I do is sit around watching series… it’s what I mostly do, but not all. I do have a life you know… sort of :p

This is also the perfect time to spend with your friends, especially in the weekend. Ring each other up, see what one is doing, call the other over, go out, hang to getter, go to the cinema…. Just enjoy life. Life is short and we gotta enjoy those moments we have as much as we possibly can.

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