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Baboem’s Trip to Curaçao

By Clayton

At the office Christmas party of 2017 our bosses announced a work trip to Curaçao.
To be honest, at first it sounded too good to be true and we thought that this would probably never happen, but when we received the E-tickets a few months later we knew it was official… we were going to Curaçao.

The last time I was in Curaçao was 9 years ago and it didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. But I was a lot younger, I was with my parents and it was just a whole different kind of trip.

This time it was a trip full of partying and just having fun.

First off our trip got short from 6 to 4 due to a change in the flight schedule of our local airline. This sucked, because that meant we had to a lot in a very limited amount of time. Which afterwards was very exhausting. Nonetheless, we had fun.

The fun started very early when we all went to the airport by bus we had rented. It was very early, but my colleagues as a crazy bunch of people, so we were having fun from the start. At the airport, we went around and starting mixing with random people. By the time that we needed to board the sun was already high in the sky.

My colleague sitting next to me has a fear of flying so we had to comfort her during takeoff and landing. The flight to Curaçao is a flight that lands in Trinidad first to let out people and have others board. So we had to take off and land, twice. And boy, the pilot was not in a good mood. His takes offs and landings were horrible. It was like he was in a hurry for some reason and didn’t make that a very pleasant trip for us. We were happy when that was over.


At the Airport in Haito we were greeted by our other boss that lives there in whose house we were staying. Very fancy house, located far from the city center, but with an amazing view of the sea. We quickly freshened up and went to go hunting for food. We had 3 cars to our availability so we could form groups and do our own thing. I was in the car with the local boss. We found some Dutch snacks, went grocery shopping and finally had a full meal in a restaurant.

That evening we went to a karaoke (lesbian?) bar. I as always was the one doing most of the singing, cause not everyone was into that. After the night was over, a few went to the house to sleep and the other went to go sight-seeing by car with the boss. I went sight-seeing. Well, I didn’t see much, because I was exhausted and started falling asleep in the car.

The following morning we went to the beach. This was the first time I could enjoy the sea water and go snorkeling. With my contacts in and the snorkeling glasses I could for once actually see the fishes in the sea. It was amazing. We even drove to another beach, which was full of sea turtles, which was also an amazing experience.

That evening we went to the movies…. Jurassic Park 2… again I didn’t see much, because I always fall asleep in the movie theatre despite having had a Starbucks beforehand and the movie being okay-ish.

The following morning we went off road jeep riding, which was an experience to say the least. First of all I literally got roasted in the sun, it was extremely hot and not to mention dusty. There were many times when I thought we would just tumble off a mountain. We also went swimming again at the turtle beach, but I had no interest in swimming, I was not liking the head again.

On the way back I asked the very, sexy tour guide if I could ride along. There was a spare seat and that jeep had a roof, so that was good for me. From there I had an easier time during the rest of the tour. Great sights. But again, I feared tumbling over and dying constantly. At the end of the tour my white shirt was yellow.

The following day we had to leave again. In the morning we went to a shopping mall, where I really had fun!! I bought 2 great shirts very cheap and a new pair of sunglasses. Soon afterward we went back to the house, packed our bags and headed to the airport.

We said goodbye to the boss living in Curaçao and boarded our plane.

Again we had to comfort of colleagues with flight anxiety, but this time the flight was a lot easier than when we left from Suriname.

The next day we were allowed to stay home if we wanted, which most obviously did… including myself… and after that it was back to normal.

But for me it was also time to prepare for my next trip 😉

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Back the F up!!!

By Clayton

Everyone working in the IT knows that the most number one rule is to always create a backup before making any changes. This is not only something you should do when working in the IT, but be sure to do this with any digital form of data that you own. Trust me. Do this or else you will be sorry!

Frau ärgert sich über ComputerAfter 2 of my external hard drives crashed within 1.5 years I’ve learned the hard way what it is like to lose everything you’ve worked on so hard. It doesn’t matter if it’s your school essays, your precious vacation pictures or your favorite music, losing something hurts. So after having experienced that I basically back up everything I own digitally on more than one device. I think I have online backups, an external hard drive, my laptop’s regular hard drive and also everything burned on plain ol’ DVD’s. You can never have too many backups.

However…. No matter how precautions you are, you sometimes still slip up.

Let me tell you the story of how I lost a client of mine 2 months (or more) of hard work, with a simple click, which could have been prevented if I had made a backup.

For the past few months I have been working on revamping the website of a friend. It has been basically done for months now, just a few minor adjustments and it is ready to go live. The biggest task of this website that was holding up the Go-live date was the huge amount of pictures that needed to be uploaded. Since that part was up to my friend, I made sure I made the website ready so he could work in his own spare time and I simply would wait for his confirmation that he was finished and that the site was ready to go live.

Well that date was scheduled for today. Today I was supposed to the switch from the old site to the new one. And in the morning fix the broken links and make sure that everything was ready.
However yesterday as I was making some final adjustments to the website, I decided to also clean up some user accounts that are no longer needed when the website goes live. As I wanted to delete the user account of a freelancer whom I had hired to help me out with a huge amount of work, I realized too late what the system meant when it asked: “Do you want to delete the folder that user has worked in”.

I clicked on the check mark and clicked on delete.
As I clicked on delete I thought… wait, do they mean…. SHIT…. Noooooooooo!!!!

Those were the thoughts swirling through my head. Sadly, this action was irreversible.
I did manage to download the database that this site is linked to and was able to recreate the structure of the website images folder, but the actual images that are stored on the server were all gone.

I first tried to get some help with the help desk of the web host. They made it clear that it was impossible for me to get the files back. The only way they could do this was to do a disaster recovery, but they charge a fee of $150. I was of course not pleased by this and also asked what other options I have. They said I should make sure to do a backup on the site.


Yes, DUH. I could have figured that one out myself. I asked where the auto backup option was for the server, because there is a notification saying that this is not enabled. Of course they were not able to do this for me and each time I want to do something I need to backup. Well thanks for nothing.

I had no other choice than to tell the bad news to my friend, who happens to be in the role of client at this point. How do you tell someone that you’ve just lost 2 months of hard work that someone has done? Of course he was not pleased I cannot express how sorry felt and angry I was with myself. I cannot stand the feeling of defeat and don’t like to let people down.

Certainly not, because I didn’t think through what the effects of my actions would have been. And all of this could have been prevented if I had simply thought about creating a backup, before doing any other changes.

So readers please remember to always PRESS THE FUCKING BACKUP BUTTON!!!



My new job

By Clayton

On September 1st of this year, I started with a new job.

Yes, that was exactly one week after I stopped working at my old job.

No, I didn’t tell anyone and kept it a secret, simply because for once I didn’t feel like sharing every detail of my life…. What what??

Yes, I know what you were thinking just a second ago. lol
No, I just didn’t feel like announcing it to the world until I was absolutely sure how I felt about the new job, the new tasks and responsibilities. But now, about 2.5 months later, I am ready to reveal to you all that I am now working at:

Baboem N.V. |
As a Software consultant.

This is a total different thing than what I used to do for 3.5 years at Alembo, but I am super motivated and excited. I still work as a web developer, but I only do this on a freelance basis.

Look at the below picture, meet 2 of my new colleagues.
I think you may recognize their faces 🙂


Yes, I am now working at the same company as 2 of my best friends, Ryan and Farid!
Of course at the office we are total different people than after 16.00. 😀


I’ve resigned from my job!

By Clayton

Here’s something new in my life: about 2 months ago I handed in my resignation letter to my current employer. To those of you whom have been following my Facebook posts closely, this might not come as a shock. Also a few work-related blog posts may have subconsciously led to my decision to resign.

There has not been one specific reason to my resignation, nor will I write down any negative down here – so if you’re here for some juicy rumors, you might just click away now.

Okay, you’re still reading 🙂

All I will say is, that the past few months there have been drastic changes at the office; change is good, but in this case none of these changes were bringing me closer to my dream of relocating and purchasing a two bedroom apartment in Amsterdam or that one dream house in Rotterdam. Neither helping me become a renowned fictional writer and a successful blogger that gets to travel around.

Hey, don’t laugh! A boy is allowed to dream, right?!

Yes, you might think that I have clearly been working in the wrong place, but that’s not entirely true. My other (short term) dream was to manage a successful team of web developers or to be an awesome freelancer that has a lot of happy clients and earns enough to be able to fly from city to city. Oops, guess we ended back to the topic of traveling.

But you are getting the point that I am trying to make, right?

Things have not been the same and I had spiraled in a vicious cycle of hard work, sleeplessness and was slowly seeping into depression. I needed change… I needed to leave!

Funny enough, 2 weeks after handing in my resignation letter, I received my result of this professional personally test we did months ago, and the results of that test clearly point out that leaving now was one of the best decisions I could have taken.

I am quite a restless person, that’s full of dreams and ambitions. I have a lot I want to accomplish and I know exactly what I want, but lately I have not been coming closer to any of these dreams, but instead I’ve slipping further away from them.

After I had almost reached the point of a complete burn out and constantly feeling constrained, it was time for me to say thank you and goodbye. I am grateful for the 3,5 years I have been able to work hard and gain a lot of knowledge, but I’ve reached the end of the runway and it’s time to fly!


Victim of modern day slavery

By Clayton

Here I am, drinking my perfectly sweetened coffee, behind my laptop screen at the office. Slowly recovering from a perfectly good weekend, full of sleeping, TV shows and pure nothingness. I wish all my weekends were like this one.

Sadly, this is one of those rare weekends… a well-deserved and desperately needed one, but very rare. You see for the last few weeks I have been doing nothing but work, work and some more work. This all sounds in a way good, but I am unfortunately only human and this is starting to have some serious effect on my mental and physical state. I am seriously EXHAUSTED all the time and those around me are starting to notice.

I work almost 16 hours a day and have no time for anything else. In the weekend I usually sleep like someone who is recovering from a major surgery, because my energy level is at 0%. Last week I felt brain dead, because I had once again slept between 2-4 hours per day during the entire week and I seriously have a distorted view of time right now.

A few days I had a Skype video call at 4.30am with a client. He was in his convertible deluxe sport car and I was at home in my underwear still working and not having slept yet.
All this made me wonder. Is it all worth it? Why am I slaving myself away, while my paycheck is not growing? Do I still want to be doing this in 5 years and not have made progress in my personal life?

OMG… I am a victim of modern day slavery and I am slowly building the stepping stones for others on their way to success, without even benefiting from it? I think the time is nearing for me to break the chains.

But not now… now I need to go back to my emails… I have work to do.
*sips his coffee*



I’m a workaholic

By Clayton


Hi, my name is Clayton and I’m a workaholic! o.O

Yes, my dear friends… I have stopped going out, school is (temporarily) on a low level,, but I have been working like CRAZY!! Yes, I have enough to do, but I think I have been going beyond my own borders the last few works. All I do is work, work, work!

I’m not complaining. It’s not like I have anything better to do… uh… let me rephrase that: I don’t really mind working hard, because I actually feel like I am doing something with my life.

But I am sort of trying to manage myself these last few weeks. Especially since after 2 weeks ago I almost cracked under the pressure and my doctor advised me to take a break or else… I would break. Thing is that so much has also changed at the office; new management, I have a new office space, I have a new position, my old team is nonexistence; all is just completely… different. Being the control freak that I am, and since I am not able to do anything about all these changes, besides adapt myself to them, I was starting to freak out. Yup, in my head I sort of lost it an needed to regain myself. Need to step on the breaks before I burned myself out.

As usual everything was all in my head. I had some thing at work I was not happy with, but it all has been sorted out. 2 weeks later it all already feels normal and I am totally used to the new working situation.

I am however I am still a workaholic. I even worked about 36 hours in a row from Thursday to Friday, which resulted in me passing out for about 12 hours in my bed on Friday night. Okay, okay… I know that this is not healthy and I am trying to control my sleep and the amount of time I work in a day!

*below my sleep tracker of the last few days… notice the day I skipped sleeping*

2014-04-26 13.29.15


3 years at Alembo

By Clayton

Today is exactly 3 years ago that I first signed in here… and it was NOT a joke!! 😀


Time has gone by fast. 3 years ago I had 3 times less grey hairs on my head and I weight 5 kg lighter. Oh Alembo, what have you done to me? Haha

In my 3 years I sat in 2 different rooms in the building, have had 2 different functions, seems colleagues come and go, have worked with various clients, have gained a lot of new experiences, have been annoyed multiple times, have been satisfied, have one time seriously considered quitting, have loved and hated my job both at the same time, became a work-a-holic. But I think all of the above is part of every job.

I did decide to throw a minor celebration; by buying cake for the people I have known the longest here. And that only because I am not sure if a 4th anniversary will follow, but who knows. Anything can happen, right?

Maybe I should reward myself on this work anniversary with a nice 2 week vacation. 🙂 Well I did already have 5 vacations since I’ve been working here, but who’s counting anyways…. lol

Clay's Personal Workaholic

Thank you long weekend

By Clayton

Remember how on Friday I wrote about the things that have been troubling me the past week? Well good news. All over now! 🙂

All EXCEPT the internet problem. Yes, I live in a country that is run by idiots, whom have other idiots working for them. It’s simply idiotic! Let’s not go into details. Let’s just say my internet is still not working, while this should not be the case.

On Friday I thought long and hard about what I did… eventually I gave in. My sobriety and bitter reality were a bit too much. I bought me a bottle of red wine, minutes before the store was about to close – and not even the good one, but at that hour beggars couldn’t be choosers.
After I let the sweet aroma of that bottle escape into my nostrils I already felt like a heavy burden was being lifted from me. I savored the moment of sip and just let my worries slip away.

After I felt like I was a normal human being again – instead of a robot that was reaching the point of self-destruction – I decided to go locate my friends. First possible location where they could have been there was not a soul to be found. At least not a soul that I was looking to find. The second location they had indeed been, but had already left. Next was the last and obvious place for me to find them. I arrived without notifying them beforehand and yes, they were there.

We had a fun time. I decided to stick to red wine as I wasn’t ready for a major hangover the next morning, especially not after 6 weeks. I just needed a night were my thoughts and feelings were mellow. And that was exactly what it turned out to be.

On Saturday my friends and I gathered together again and simply watched lots of TV series and funny YouTube videos until our laughing muscled started to ache and our eyes gave in to exhaustion. After that it was time to make my way to my bed.

Perfect weekend. Just what I needed.


Since it was a long weekend, I had one more day of relaxation. Since I also still have no internet I decided to be productive. I started studying for my examination this week, picked up a book which I’ve been reading on-and-off again (what is this, my love life? Lol) and also opened the novel I’ve started writing years ago, but haven’t touched since 2012 – and even then I think it was simply to edit a few grammar mistakes.

So maybe life without internet isn’t so bad?
Who am I kidding… I AM DYING OVER HERE!!!!

Clay's Personal Music Workaholic

The sober life SUCKS!

By Clayton

This has officially been my most stressful and frustrating week at work. Seriously! I have never dealt with so much office drama in one week. And what made things worse is that the drama was not something I had to fix, but just had to keep under control.


In short:
2 weeks ago a client’s website had to be migrated to a new server, because the old one was… well, you know OLD and not up to date with the current requirements of the online world. Good that’s all clear… the problem: the client wanted it NOW or as SOON as possible, which was not something that is possible, since it’s up to our server provider to do this and up to our own IT-support to fix the rest. Perfect. First it was another hassle to get things done correctly and eventually the deadline was not reached by 2 entire days simply because our provider refused to perform certain actions. So it was non-stop mailing back and forth, non-stop calling to the Netherlands and to make things worse I had my client constantly calling me for an update and demanding things that were out of my hand. It all ended well and what was needed to be done was done. This whole project, the final stages of the migration were a 15 minute task, but in total cost almost 21 working hours just to get it started.

Okay… but lucky me this was all in my evaluation week! #FML o.O

My evaluation can be summed down as the following: I am a good employee, but maybe not a good leader. And the fact that the company is growing and some departments will be merged, only one person will be on top of such a merged department… and it won’t be me.

The conclusion that I am not a good leader was all based on ONE person.
IT WAS ONE TIME, COME ON!!!!!!!! This was the part that seriously frustrated me more. Yes, my team was small. At one point it was even 2 people. One stumbled down and the other excelled. Sadly (for me), the case going down was also the one that dragged me down.

I had a 2 hour talk with the boss that I was not happy with this and was not going down without a fight. After all, a captain goes down with his ship! Another meeting to talk about this is yet to be scheduled. However, when I was home I thought to myself, why am I fighting? Isn’t this perfect? If I don’t have a team to manage anymore I can come to work, put on my headphone and work in silence for 8 hours without worrying about others and just getting my own work done. The perfect solution to a very stressful situation, right?

After a long day at work, I usually get myself lost in the virtual world of endless possibilities – also simply known as “surfing the internet” – but the twisted nails of fate didn’t allow this this week, because my internet has been down since Monday!!!!!

Oh and I am not done yet, my dear readers, I have also NOT been going out nor drinking or having any spontaneous fun for 6 weeks now. Instead I’ve just staying home and trying to focus on other things, like school, which made me realize: SOBER LIFE EFFING SUCKS!!!
Never have I wanted to just sit down with a bottle of merlot in front of my laptop more than now. I don’t mean to sounds to like a raging alcoholic or whatever, I just crave a nice stress-free moment!


Luckily this week came to a good end with a quiet Friday at work, Epica’s new single release “The Essence of Silence” and a long weekend up ahead. Oh wait… but I have to study for an examination next week: OMG, can’t I get a freaking break?

Happy weekend everyone 🙂

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Suffering from a creative block!

By Clayton

me-boredI seem to be suffering from a severe creative block. This is not the first time and probably won’t be the last time… but it is certainly at the WORST TIME. A creative block is very common. Every designer or writer is faced with this from time to time… But this is a mayor thing, when creativity is the thing that pays most of the bills and those plane tickets to Holland.


How long has this been going on?
Probably a few weeks now. Just now I am able to actually confront myself.

What is the reason?
I have no idea… or maybe I have the tiniest idea… but not sure if I am able to confront myself yet, because I’m not even sure what I am actually thinking about.

This creative block sure is starting to affect other parts of my life… or maybe the creative block is just another symptom of this-unknown-thing-going-with-me? I have no desire to go out or do anything; I basically get up in the morning, go to work, come home and lock myself in my room and spend hours behind my laptop doing nothing special or read a book. The reading a book part maybe is a sort of positive thing to do. But I somehow don’t feel like myself… not 100%.

What is wrong with me? Why do I feel weird? Why do I feel uncomfortable? Why am I bored all the time? Why are my thoughts going a million miles per hour?
I think I just need something exciting in my life… something to distract myself from… myself?