Winter has come to Suriname!

By Clayton

RAINSTORM-150x150Today has been like a perfect “Winter day” here in Suriname. Instead of snowing, it has been raining the entire day, I haven’t seen the sun once, low temperature and by 16.00hrs it was already getting dark.

This did make the perfect hangover weather. It was one of those mornings after a night of partying with your friends, where you really don’t feel like doing much and just enjoy some quiet, alone time. However earlier that morning was I was woken by the sound of the alarm of my car, which my dad accidentally had tripped. Not long after that it was my mom that made the smoke alarm go off in the kitchen. As soon as all was silent again I wrapped myself in my blanket and slept the entire afternoon.

Since it’s the rain season and December lots more winter days like these are expected and I can’t wait.

Clay's Personal

“Winter depression” in the tropics!

By Clayton

999810dfd97aa591c0d218c3beb029afDuring the holidays I always get this weird melancholic feeling, each time I see my Dutch (and other European) friends post pictures of
their hometowns covered in snow. There’s nothing more that I want than I white Christmas. I call these feelings that I get “reverse winter depression”. What could better than the sky being dark, the floor covered in white snow and the lakes covered in ice?

Winter 2012 - Amsterdam - Picture by Jeroen Ploeger
I’ve never experienced that. Wait! I think I did once, but I was too young to remember or really appreciate. I once spent Christmas in The Netherlands, but I was around 4 years old. I don’t remember anything besides the extreme cold. But nonetheless. I think the cold is a small price to pay for the perfect scenery.


Rain - Paramaribo - Photo by Clayton DerbyThe only thing we have down here in December is rain, rain and more rain. I’m not really complaining though, because at least it’s not hot all the time like for example in September. The lower-than-usual temperature can make me pretend like it’s a Surinamese version of winter. :p
I seriously can’t wait to move one day. Eventually I will probably get tired of it too; especially if I have to get up early for work, but I still think I will enjoy that winter wonderland in the back of my head.