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Reasons to move

By Clayton

The below might be a bit of a rant post, but everything is written in total honesty, so I hope that can be respected. If not, feel free to close the tab and go watch some porn like you’re used to.


I have never made it a secret that I want to move to Amsterdam.
One of the things that has been holding me back until recently was my studies. For no reason was I about to just quit that and I needed to finish it. Which I successfully did, which you can read in my previous post.

But now I am here, in the city I hope to call home soon.
And yes, I know it’s not all about rainbows, glitter and unicorns. I am way too old and have been here way too often to know this fact. But mentally I just know I belong here. Yes, I have been born in the wrong country and I plan to do something about this as soon as possible.

Now that I am almost 30, I would like to…. wait, what? Seriously?! Ugh… 30… okay, whatever… moving on. Now that I am almost 30, I would like to make serious plans for my exodus.

What are my reasons for wanting to move?

  • Amsterdam just feels like home
    It feels more “home” to me than Paramaribo has ever had. I just belong here.
  • The people are on my wavelength
    It’s great to be among people that share the same thoughts and ideas as me.
    Open-minded. I love that word(s) and it describes me perfectly.
  • The weather
    If you know me, you know I like the cold weather.
    Give me rain, give me snow. I just don’t like the heat and I hate to sweat.
    That makes Holland the perfect place as its colder more often than it’s warm.
    Also the weather is unpredictable and I hate living a predictable life.
  • My non-active love life
    If I ever want a chance to date someone, even if it’s temporary, I would have to move. Back home I cannot seem to find someone that is on my wavelength. Here… let’s just say there are some potential candidates that I would like to call my own. And for a few it even seems mutual. I would be nice to have someone to come home to.
  • Travelling
    It’s a fact that it’s much cheaper to see the world from here. A fact that I have been able to experience myself last year during the 13-country Euro trip. Why stay in one place? The world is ours. But intercontinental flights are not cheap. Certainly not from where I am from.
  • The music concerts
    The type of music I listen to is mostly created by European bands. They do travel the world, but they never visit Suriname as this would not be profitable for them. Even traveling with a full stage set is very expensive, which is why EU tour shows are usually a bit bigger than the abroad one. I would like to have the opportunity to just head out to a concert or several in a row, instead of what I need to do now and plan months ahead, save up a ton on money and hours of travel time. Although I like it and makes the experience even bigger, but sometimes not all shows are at a convenient time for me, because I can’t travel in that time period.
  • The bad economy back home
    If you follow the news of Suriname you will understand that the economy is bad at the moment. Like seriously bad. And although I don’t have a horrible paying job, I will not be able to afford my own place or even a new car any time soon. I see more and more people leaving for this reason and I think I seriously must do the same to survive.
  • My freelance business works better here
    I don’t really like working freelance for people back home. This is not a pride thing, this is a money thing. People don’t pay or don’t like to pay. At the moment I have 2 pending payments and I am sick of waiting. If I deliver something for you, it’s your job to deliver the funds. And these aren’t even big amounts. I am seriously not even charging what I should and want, but I try to compromise. But in this way, having to constantly ask when I am getting paid, I cannot do it. However when I have jobs here, we make clear agreements and I get paid just like we discussed. Everyone is happy.
  • Happiness
    As I already said, this place feels like home and it makes me happy.
    I cannot wait to find my own place to live, have a job I love, be with someone I love, walk amongst the cold weather (call me crazy) and just simply be happy.
My thoughts on...

I hate Snapchat

By Clayton

635511606238427625331440091_snapchat.imgopt1000x70Snapchat here… Snapchat there… Snapchat everywhere!

Since long I’ve had a major dislike for the app Snapchat, but at the moment I have reached a point where I downright hate it, because it’s everywhere. Let me be clear, I do not have a Snapchat account, never had and never will. Nor have I even downloaded it. I am against the entire concept of Snapchat and this is for personal reasons. Why?

  • I am obsessed with memories and historic dates.
    I cannot understand why someone would ever want to make a memory disappear after 15 (?) seconds.
    I love to scroll though old photos and relive moments that were precious to me.
  • Yes, I share a lot on Facebook, but I do not share every second of my life.
    I simply do not have the time, nor do I think my life is that fascinating.
  • I hate those stupid animal filters.
    And lately they seem to be rising up everywhere.
    Why would anyone want to look like a dog or a zebra? Call me old. Call me boring. I think it’s stupid.
  • I do not want to choose my audience. I want to share content with all my friends and followers.
    Sharing certain things with a selected group of people sounds like a whole lotta work.
    Yes, Facebook also has filters, but mostly is visible to everyone.
  • Apparently Snapchat gives you a notification when someone takes a screenshot of the content?
    Uhu… and then? Isn’t the damage done after that?
    And if you don’t want anyone taking screenshots,
    Uhu, yes it’s no secret what Snapchat secretly is being used for.

Sorry for the rant. The above are my thoughts and opinion.
If you enjoy Snapchat, go ahead and Snap the chat all you want.
I however, will not be joining that train… so please stop asking! #byefelicia

Please note, I have never had a Snapchat account nor have I ever downloaded the app.
My analysis is purely based on the things I have read and heard.