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Smartphone Photography

By Clayton

It’s quite amazing the wonders you can do these days in photography with a simple-but-advanced smartphone – I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. Today I took the below pictures, opened them with a photo editing app, played around with the brightness and other settings a bit, slapped a filter on it and VOILA!!!

Suriname’s Presidential Palace


Date: April 13, 2014
Location: Paramaribo, Suriname

More information on this building can be read on Wikipedia!

2014-08-13-15.33.23 2014-08-13-15.33.40

The photos here untouched and original. The only reason why it looks so blurry is, because it was raining and it was taken behind the glass of my car window. Another simple trick. Haha

Clay's Personal

My new car :)

By Clayton

A few days ago I posted this on Facebook:


A lot were anxious to find out what I had bought, and a few had already guessed it. But here you have the answer: I’ve finally bought my own first car.

The previous used to my dad’s and given to me, but this one is bought with my own hard earned money 🙂
When I first saw it, I knew I had to have it!

On May 16th, 2013 I finally received the keys in my hands!

2013-05-16 17.15.11 2013-05-16 17.50.58 2013-05-17 08.14.33

Travel & Adventure

Back to Waterland for the weekend

By Clayton

Back to Waterland for the weekend
April 30, 2013

My friends and I were invited again to Waterland by Marco and this time we would stay the entire weekend AND we would go on the motor boat on Sunday morning. It turned out to be a great weekend full of food, wine, laughter, water and more booze! 😀

I’m still recovering from the weekend. Enjoy the pictures 🙂

DSCF7728 DSCF7734 DSCF7735
DSCF7742 DSCF7748 DSCF7749
DSCF7759 DSCF7787 DSCF7794
DSCF7809 DSCF7813 DSCF7817
DSCF7824 DSCF7832 DSCF7849
DSCF7892 DSCF7893 DSCF7917
DSCF7918 DSCF7955 DSCF7963

Clay's Personal Travel & Adventure

Tangled thoughts in Rotterdam

By Clayton

It seems that I have been neglecting my blog. So much has been happened since the last time I put something down… so much that I don’t even know where to begin. I think I will just start writing and see where this goes.

Last thing I wrote about was me coming to Rotterdam.
How did Rotterdam treat me? Better than Amsterdam? Hard to tell honestly.
This is the first time that I’ve really had the chance to explore Rotterdam. It’s a very small city actually. The center of Rotterdam I mean. Everything is within walking distance. It is however a wonderful city. The perfect blend of modern and old architecture.

DSCF6450 DSCF6522 DSCF6527
DSCF6567 DSCF6579 DSCF6581

My map of The Netherlands is slowly starting to look very interesting. So many places visited and still so many to go to. Sadly, I don’t have all the time left.

dutch mapLast weekend I went to Eindhoven for Epica. Which was obviously EPIC. Best show EVER. I will have to write a separate blog about that, because it will take up too much space here.
That night I slept in Reuver at a friend’s place and the next evening we went to Roermond for another concert (Serenity and Visions of Atlantis). That was also another great experience. Will blog about that too.

After that I stayed in Rotterdam for 1,5 day and was on my way back to Amsterdam where I had to meet up with Jeroen. We went to play Bingo…. Yeah, you read that right! Bingo! Since I’m 25 and old now, that’s the sort of thing I do for fun…. Lol

Just kidding. We did play Bingo, but it was really fun. That night’s fun soon ended as I realized that I had lost my camera. I was in panic and was totally not looking forward to invest in a new camera. Luckily for me, my camera was found by the barman, when I called the next afternoon and described were I had last seen it. It was still in that exact same spot. Lucky me!

Right now I am back in Rotterdam, because I had a date (?) of some sort. That went well. Just after that I started getting a typical-Clayton-like-panic-attack. The real source is still unclear to me. Or maybe not. I am not sure. I just started thinking about everything and nothing and started panicking. My life, work, school, love, money, debts…. A LOT of things.
After talking with Patrick, who knows how to pick my brain, I was able to calm down a bit and turned on my laptop, watched a few series and later did some school work and other things, like write this blog.

So more blogs following soon. I think I just wanted to pen this down. It’s already 5.30am here. I’d better go to bed.

Friends Travel & Adventure

A day at Waterland, Domburg, SR

By Clayton

I’ve said it before and I am going to say it again: “Life’s great at times that it doesn’t totally suck!” Yesterday was another one of those great days that makes you appreciate life a lot more.

My friends and I were invited to this private resort a little out of town, by the same guy where I was allowed to have my 25th birthday party. None of us have been there before and we were all amazed by it. It was perfect. Nice cabins, close friends, great food, lots of booze… The only thing that sucked were the minor rain that kept pouring every 30-60 minutes, but we were so captivated by the place, that we barely even mind. Once again me and my best friends Farid and Dominique were surrounded around a lot of foreigners and noteworthy our German friend Henning, who is back in Suriname after 2 years.

There’s nothing much I can say really, just enjoy the photos.
A lot more on Facebook!

20130217_123337 20130217_123901 20130217_133149
20130217_135145 20130217_135354 20130217_143356
20130217_145001 20130217_145143 20130217_145551
20130217_150028 20130217_154708 20130217_154719
20130217_154959 20130217_155145 20130217_155329
20130217_155512 20130217_160544 20130217_164614