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My new eyes

By Clayton

First thing I did when I arrived in Holland was order contact lenses. You may or not remember an old blog post from 2014 where I stated that I did some research on Lasik eye surgery or contact lens implants. Both were advised not to do so, as they would not work for me. However they did advise me to try hybrid contact lenses. Hybrid contact lenses are a blend between hard contact lenses and soft contact lenses. Since I have very bad eyes I can’t (or couldn’t) get soft contact lenses when I first tried contacts back in 2004. I got subscribed hard lenses and I simply never could get used to them.

After I booked my trip to Holland for this year I went on Google and searched for places in Holland where I could purchase them. I eventually mailed a supplier of these special contact lenses here in Holland and they referred me to an optician, as they do not deliver directly to customers.

The day after I arrived I had my appointment. The supplier of the contacts also came with his kit full of contacts. Together with the optician they checked my eyes and finally decided upon the best solution. Not a cheap one, but I wanted them.

These contacts are custom made in the US and would arrive within 1-2 weeks from the day they were ordered. Well they actually arrived 4 weeks later on the very last day in Holland.


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Blast from the past

By Clayton


I always knew my past would come one day back to haunt me… and it did.

I got tagged on Facebook by an old classmate of mine yesterday. A former classmate from the Catholic Elementary school which I had attended, St. Bernadette School (an Elementary school in Suriname). The picture was not one I hadn’t seen before – I have a printed version of it somewhere in my room – but it was nice to see it digitally AND to reconnect/chat my so many old classmates of mine. Everyone whom was tagged started posting comments, sharing memories and I also received a few new friend requests.

It was interesting, because I remember all the faces, but not the names. I am very bad with names. And certainly with the names of classmates from 14+ years ago.

In the photo I was 12 years old and apparently I was a major nerd back then. Doing other people’s homework, letting others copy mine and probably being one of the goody two-shoes in class. yeah, I think I had nothing better to do back then. haha.

If only I knew how my life would turn around.

Okay on a serious note now. Elementary school was still an “OK” period in my life. Secondary and High School memories really are the ones that I’ve blocked out and stored away somewhere in the deep vaults of my mind.

It was actually quite nice to see some old faces again, because it made me feel quite nostalgic (read: old). The fact that all of them still remember me and my background stories, makes me feel less insignificant as I thought I once was.

To see the infamous picture, check my Facebook profile 😉
(the above picture is obviously a recent one)