Clay's Personal Friends

Meet my friends

By Clayton

Dominique, Farid and IIn order for me to give your more insight into my life and the weekly epic sagas that I go through I first have to give you some background information about the people that are big part of my life; my friends.

They mean a lot to me and I spent a lot of time with them… as you may have  noticed from my Facebook photos. So I will write a separate blog where you can meet and learn more about my friends. The story how we met and why we are still even friends. That includes friends like Dominique, Farid, Patrick, Zoureena, Stephany and all the other friends that from time to time help to create another tale in my existence on planet Earth… This should be fun. Beware :p

Clay's Personal Friends

The hatchet is buried!

By Clayton

Dear Readers,

I have some good news. For the first time in… God how long has it been? A year? Maybe longer?
For the first time in a year’s time I finally feel like my own self again. I finally feel “unleashed”. All the past year’s drama is over and I can finally think clearly again.

So what has happened you might ask yourself? Didn’t I have some sort of mayor drama going on the last 1-2 months? Didn’t I tumble down in a whirlpool of confusion and depression?

Short answer: yes… but that’s all over now 🙂

Long answer: Put your reading glasses on and let me explain it all.

*clears throat and cracks his knuckles*

On the first Friday in December, Farid and I had to pick up our Dutch friend from the airport, whom is in Suriname to escape the winter’s cold. At first I didn’t want to go along, because this would be our first face to face encounter after the whole drama in Amsterdam and after ignoring each other for about 6-8 weeks.

The first encounter was less dramatic as I thought it would be. Well my friends were the ones that sort of made me psych myself out by calling to hear how I was feeling and treating me like a bloody mental patient. So the moment of the first eye contact I did sort of feel strange, but as the night progressed I did start to ease myself. Not sure if it was due to the Merlot that we drank before going to the airport – that was probably it.

The new morning I was online on Facebook and the Dutchie and I chatted. We then established our friendship and we also laughed about the past year. I was actually very happy that we were speaking again. It’s not easy to suddenly break all contact with someone who has been part of your daily life for almost 2 years now and certainly not when it all ends on a bad note.

So that was settled and we were speaking again.

However… the next week I did have a minor relapse of feelings. Mostly a mixture of feelings of relief and happiness… and also the questions that I still needed answers to. I’ve noticed that I am drawn to mysterious people – hmm, that would make a nice topic for a separate blog post, don’t you think?. As long as I still have things about someone I want to know, someone that I have a crush on, I will keep holding on, because I am still trying to figure out if I have a chance or not and how we could make it work (or not).