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From Paris back to NL

By Clayton

Date: February 15, 2016

Paris was fun and all, but unfortunately we had to go back. But this was only the beginning since we had 2 more trips to make, so it was all good. But I wasn’t about to leave Paris without saying hello to my friend Rachel that recently moved to Paris.

Rachel moved from the US to Paris and we met in 2011 in front of Paradiso in Amsterdam where I was about to see Epica live for the first time.


We’ve had contact since the day I drove to Paris, but due to a lack of reception and mobile data it was a bit hard to arrange a meeting. But luckily before we were about to leave the apartment she came over and it was so great seeing her again after all these years. Even if it was just a short visit.

After we said our goodbyes we went to the metro station, picked up the car and made our way back to Amsterdam.

Along the way, somewhere in near the border of France and Belgium we stopped at this beach, located in Escalles (France), which had the most beautiful scenery ever. The below pictures are unedited, because they didn’t need it. The light was great and so was the background. I really enjoyed this very small, but amazing beach. You will also see pictures from our second stop in Cap Blanc-Nez, another beautiful place in France.

After the beaches we stopped in Belgium where we had dinner and then finally arrived back in Amsterdam in the evening.

Road trip 1 – completed!

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Château de Versailles

By Clayton

Date: February 14, 2016

So about last night…

After we came home from dinner Ryan quickly went to bed, but Farid and me, the “party animals” that we are kept on drinking and didn’t want to end the night there. I mean, how often are you in Paris?

So after a quick shower we decided to experience the Parisian night life.
I do not recall where we went exactly, but we ended up in a pub that was in walking distance of our apartment. It was not that crowded or entertaining, so we went to find another place to have a good time. We ended up in this seedy bar. Not that seedy is our thing… We were just very much intoxicated in Paris. So we had a couple more drinks, made “friends” with the locals in the dark-lid bar. Farid and I shortly after lost each other, but I am sure we both had fun. What happens in Paris, stays in Paris.

We later found each other again, and wanted to head back to the apartment. The problem was, we had no idea where we were. What do you do in this case? Well Google maps on your phone. But what do you do when you phone isn’t there? Wait, what? Yup…. Farid’s phone had vanished into thin air. Yup, he was robbed or left it somewhere. Depending on what you choose to believe. Either way, there was a missing phone and mine had no internet so wasn’t much help either. We somehow found our way to the apartment without internet and just went to sleep.

The next day…

Later that morning we woke up, still in disbelieve what had happened, but it did.
Ryan’s cousin was about to pick us up to head to Château de Versailles. Before that day I had no idea what that was. Yes, I didn’t do enough research on Paris before going there. But after the visit I became obsessed with the story of the things that happened in that infamous chateau.


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Paris City Tour and The Louvre

By Clayton

Date: February 13, 2016

The next morning we went for a city tour. Our main destination was The Louvre Museum, but we took our time to explore the city a bit first and started off with a real French breakfast.

First stop on our Paris city tour was: Notre-Dame. This cathedral is big and ethereal.
I was looking to see if I could see Quasimodo lurk behind of the pillars :p
Actually before entering Notre-Dame, we went to this underground museum right in front of the cathedral that displays a history of the Notre-Dame.


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Road Trip to Paris

By Clayton

Date: February 12, 2016

On the early morning of February 12th, 2016, Farid, Ryan and I did a road trip in Farid’s VW Polo car to Paris. This was my very first time in Paris, so I was very excited. However it was very early though.

We drove from Amsterdam, via Rotterdam to Antwerp, Belgium.
We arrived just after sunrise in Antwerp. We decided to explore the city a bit and go grab some breakfast.

First thing we visited was the Antwerp train station. That building is ginormous and gorgeous. We had coffee near the Antwerp Cathedral and walked around the shopping area.

After Antwerp we drove to Brussels see the Atomium. Another ginormous construction.