The Quantum Enigma album info

By Clayton

And finally we have the upcoming Epica album cover, the track list and the release date(s). And as an added bonus a few promotional pictures have been published. All is set and it’s time for Epica to rule the symphonic metal world once again.

I am excited and can barely wait for May, cause the tracklist is looking promising and the album cover is quite interesting. As usual there is so much going on and the cover has so many tiny details that will probably all makes sense once the music is released.

The Quantum Enigma
Release date: May 2nd, 2014

The Quantum Enigma


1 – Originem
2 – The Second Stone
3 – The Essence of Silence
4 – Vicitms of Contingency
5 – Sense Without Sanity – The Impervious Code
6 – Unchain Utopia
7 – The Fifth Guardian – Interlude
8 – Chemical Insomnia
9 – Reverence – Living in the Heart
10 – Omen – The Ghoulish Malady
11 – Canvas of Life
12 – Natural Corruption
13 – The Quantum Enigma – Kingdom of Heaven part II

More detailed information available at the official Epica website.

Epica - TQE promo - Fire



Epica – TQE – album title revealed

By Clayton

Epica revealed the title of their upcoming album today: The Quantum Enigma!

Ever since the recording of the album, the band members have been calling the album TQE. Since Epicans seems to be quite intelligent fans, we basically already guessed the title at some point. My own guess was The Quantum Equinox. But just a few days ago when the band hinted out the amount of letters of the new album, the title was guessed by the fans. I even found a website where the album was already being promoted as The Quantum Enigma, before it was even confirmed by the band. Also on the band’s new promotional photo we could see the “quantum” symbol on the guys their outfits.

Epica - 2014 - TQE

They haven’t revealed the album cover yet, just the name and release date on a promotional banner, but I am sure that the wait won’t be much longer. I can hardly wait! 🙂

EPICA - TQE - promo banner

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Epica Retrospect movie premiere

By Clayton


I just came from the Dutch “Epica Retrospect” movie premiere, which will be officially out on Blu Ray and DVD as of today (November 8th, 2013). The movie premiere was in Bioscoop Zien in Eindhoven.

NOW let the record show: I did NOT especially fly over for this movie premiere. Now THAT would be absurd – even for me. Haha. Nah, I had already planned to fly over to this part of the world in October, but that was not possible, until November. The movie premiere was also in November, so that was a nice bonus to be at the premiere of a concert movie that I had also attended 7 months ago.

The movie of course does NOT compare to the real feeling of that magical night on March 23th, 2013, but it was still very nice to be there and see all the loyal Epicans (that were mostly also there) again. Also very cool that the entire band was there (besides Simone). Got my picture taken with all of them and bought my signed copy of the DVD!

IMG_20131107_191037 IMG_20131107_200622


It’s a boy!!! Congratulations Simone & Oliver

By Clayton

On Wednesday the 2nd of October at 11:26pm,
Simone delivered Vincent G. Palotai safe into the world.

“Both Vincent and me are doing great. He is a perfect little man.
Thank you for all the love and well wishes you have sent us. It is absolutely heartwarming!
Love from the Palotai’s!”


Simone Simons & Oliver Palotai

Since the 23rd of March 2013, the night of Epica’s 10th anniversary show “Retrospect”, we saw that baby bump. We all still were a bit uncertain, but soon enough there was no denying it anymore: Simone Simons was pregnant. She didn’t confirm it until a month later, but once she did it was nice to see Simone with her growing bump still rocking the stages around the world.

9 months later… the wait is over and the baby is born. That little boy will probably grow up to be one of those super talented musical kids. Mommy is a mezzo-soprano singer and the lead vocalist of Epica, one of Holland’s biggest symphonic metal bands and daddy is a very talented classically-trained German (of Hungarian ancestry) composer/keyboard player of the power metal band Kamelot. Not to mention, the baby got to inherit some very nice genes! 🙂

Meanwhile the Epica boys have been busy preparing for the Epica album which will be released in April 2014, along with an album release show in Poppodium 013 in Tilburg. More info can be found on the Epica official website. Not sure if I will be able to make it, but I am hoping that my school schedule and work agenda (AND of course my finances) allow me to travel to Holland for the return of EPICA.

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Epica “Retrospect” review

By Clayton

March 23, 2013… a day I will never forget. By now you all have already read (countless times) the main reason for me flying off to The Netherlands in the middle of March: Epica of course 🙂

On the day of the 10th Anniversary show of Epica I was staying at Patrick’s place in Rotterdam, so I left with the train from Rotterdam Blaak to Dordrecht. In Dordrecht I took the train to Tilburg and in Tilburg I took the next train to Eindhoven Beukenlaan. This train station is just across Klokgebouw, so I didn’t have to walk very far. I was very excited, because I had read earlier that it was snowing in Eindhoven and I was very excited. I could already see the snow as I was in the train towards Eindhoven. When I arrived I took a moment to enjoy the falling snow.

2013-03-23-12.40 DSCF6677 snow-in-eindhoven

I stood outside the venue for about 3 hours (or more), had to pee once and froze off my fingers. But it was all worth it as soon as I entered the venue. As a VIP ticket holder I got to enter the venue an hour earlier (with the rest of the VIP ticket holders), before the crowd with regular tickets. Since it was quite freezing outside, that was a good thing. On the other hand, standing outside wasn’t such a tragedy, because I got to chat with some friends like Pascal, Sharik, Vlien and Laszlo, whom I’ve seen again after 2 years. We met during my very first Epica show in Paradiso. As soon as the doors opened, the entire crow stormed inside. For once I didn’t bring my coats to the wardrobe and just put it between my legs. I found myself a perfect spot in the second row in the middle of the stage.

After waiting 2 more hours, watching the congratulations video that other musicians/bands that Epica has worked/toured with in the past 10 years played on the screen 3 times in a row, we finally could hear the orchestra play an introduction song. This was just overwhelming to hear. The intro video that we saw on the curtain was amazing. I was so enthralled and amazed by the whole scene that I had to pinch myself to know that I wasn’t dreaming and really was standing there, in a big venue somewhere in Eindhoven.

DSCF6703 DSCF6720 DSCF6726
DSCF6734 DSCF6754 DSCF6756
DSCF6760 DSCF6766 DSCF6777
DSCF6783 DSCF6789 DSCF6796


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Epica Retrospect show

By Clayton

Epica Retrospect flyerIt’s almost that time of the year again 🙂
Time for me to cross the great Atlantic Ocean to see my favorite band Epica perform live again.
And this time it’s not just any other show. It’s the band’s 10th anniversary show, which will include a live symphonic orchestra flown in from Hungary and a choir. It’s going to be big… it’s going to be EPIC!!!!

This is one show NOT to miss!!!

My visa from last year is still valid and so is my passport. Let’s hope the flight schedule will be suitable to fly and I’ll be waiting in line on March 23th in front of Klokgebouw in Eindhoven, NL. 😀

Countdown: 78 days

For more information, please visit:


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Today is “Epica Day”

By Clayton

558176_10150879159622924_1642058530_nToday it has been 10 years ago since my favorite Dutch symphonic metal band Epica stepped on stage.
And after that many awesome shows and 5 great albums followed.
I have seen them 3 times in the past 2 years and can’t wait for the anniversary show next year Epica Retrospect

Congratulations (and Happy Birthday Mark Jansen) 😀