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This blog is 3 years old

By Clayton

On February 1st it was my birthday…
which also means that it was the “birthday” of this blog. YAY!
Officially online for 3 continues years now.


I know that I don’t write as often as I would like to, and I also know that I each year try to make changes in my posting schedule (pfft… what schedule?), so I won’t do that this year.

What I will do, is go through each of these 3 years of melodramatic words (*ghehe*) and look up on all the stories that needed an update. There are a few stories that I never gave a follow-up or wrote about how things ended.

I do have one idea for a new blog that I will write and publish as soon as I can:
I will make a list of little to unknown facts about myself and publish it. This is quite trickier than I first thought it to be before I started with the list, but I accept the challenge. I am 26 years old now, so I will be writing down the first 26 facts that I can think off. Stay tuned!


Website updates!

By Clayton

As you may have noticed this blog has a new theme for a few days now.
I’ve decided to make some free time in my busy schedule to update this website. I’m also trying to write new blog posts as often as I can.

I just updated the PHOTOS page on the main website, with the photos of my last professional photoshoot:

I’m also not finished yet with the editing of this theme as you may have noticed. But I promise that this will happen very soon 🙂

Thanks for reading,

– Clayton

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