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Smartphone Photography

By Clayton

It’s quite amazing the wonders you can do these days in photography with a simple-but-advanced smartphone – I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. Today I took the below pictures, opened them with a photo editing app, played around with the brightness and other settings a bit, slapped a filter on it and VOILA!!!

Suriname’s Presidential Palace


Date: April 13, 2014
Location: Paramaribo, Suriname

More information on this building can be read on Wikipedia!

2014-08-13-15.33.23 2014-08-13-15.33.40

The photos here untouched and original. The only reason why it looks so blurry is, because it was raining and it was taken behind the glass of my car window. Another simple trick. Haha

Music Photo of the day

Is the baby coming next month?

By Clayton

By now everyone already knows that Simone Simons is pregnant. Which is why there are no more Epica shows for the rest of the year and the band can work on their next album and take a break from touring. Seeing how Simone’s boyfriend/baby daddy is also in a touring band, he too will have to take a break from touring as the due date is nearing. If Oliver Palotai is not going on tour with KAMELOT next month, we can assume that Oliver & Simone’s baby is coming in September, right?

Simone Simons pregnant

Click here to find out who will be replacing Oliver during the Kamelot North American Tour 2013.

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My 25th Birthday Celebration

By Clayton

It’s official! I’m OLD! Since last Friday I am now a quarter of century old.
Soon it’s time for marriage, babies and… wait… I don’t have to. lol 😀
I’m 25 and instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to celebrate it the way that represents me the best: crazy and over the top 😀

I do have to thank my closest friends for helping to make this day unforgettable. Without their help, my night wouldn’t have been as epic and unforgettable as it was.

New Aquarius necklaceI first had my older brother Ivan over at home. He presented me with a really cool necklace which he and his girlfriend Lynsey bought me. Lynsey herself couldn’t come, because she’s sick with the flu.
The necklace is really cool. The pendant has an Aquarius symbol on it. I LOVE IT! It’s a lot nicer than the Aquarius necklace I had bought myself not too long ago. I decided to wear the new necklace that same night as I was getting myself ready for an epic night out.

Since my street is under construction and un-drivable at the moment I had Dominique pick me up and go to Farid’s house where we would go to for pre-party drinks. The plans for the night were:
– We were going to meet up at Farid’s house for pre-party drinks
– After the drinks we would go to this really cool penthouse owned by an Italian guy, a new friend of Farid’s, where we would enjoy some snacks, more drinks and cut the birthday cake
– A limousine which I had rented would pick us at the penthouse, drive us around
– Finally we would go out dancing in club Night Fever

All went as planned and we had a blast.
We just a problem with the limo driver that was a mayor d!ckhead. I have already filled a complaint to the limo company and I will not be renting anything from them again. They don’t know how to deliver a quality service. Having said that, I still had a great night!
Thank you Farid, Dominique, Ryan-S, Ranvir, Patrick and Alex.

Below are the photos of my epic and unforgettable night.
Hope you enjoy them and as usual a lot more of Facebook.

Also thank you everyone else that has sent me their congratulations and had called. It was nice to feel special…. We are all allowed to do so once a year. 😀

Gotta stand out from the rest on my b-b-b-day!  My bfffffff's - Dominique and Farid Ranvir and I
DSCF5704 Tapas Domique and Ryan
Blowing out the 25 candles Alex I love these crazy kids :)
It's big, long and black :) Posing in front of the limo Posing in front of the limo
Posing in front of the limo Posing in front of the limo 72kg of man meat :p

Photo of the day Randomness

Hup Holland Hup!

By Clayton

Amsterdam in the rain. Photo by Clayton Derby

Now that I’m feeling like my old self again after a month, I suddenly started missing Holland this morning. The days went by so fast and I didn’t have the usual excited feeling as usual when I was there. But now I kind of miss that cold, grey and leafless country.

To make myself feel better I decided to gear up in my Holland merchandise. 🙂

DSCF5083 DSCF5084

DSCF5099 DSCF5076

I was even wearing my “Nederland” boxers ^_^