The Naked Truth

Clay's Personal The Naked Truth

Drunk in love

By Clayton

The other day a newly-made friend asked me why I am still single.
Each time I get this question – which is all freaking the time – I answer by saying:
“If I knew the answer to that question I probably wouldn’t be single”.

However I suddenly had an epiphany today. Apparently I am only liked when there is vodka, rum or weed involved. Yes, that’s when I am “romantically” attractive to others.

Yes, I admit, I like my glass of wine before a date (feel to interpret that word as broadly as you want), but for me it’s more a courage thing. But yup, I think that is the answer.

Where did this sudden epiphany come from? There I was sitting at a social event across someone I have seen naked on two occasions… I was wondering: why are there no sparks flying this time? Well, probably because we were both completely sober.

Another example is the case of my two-year-secret-not-so-secret crush. Open the bottle of vodka, pour us a few glasses, get the music just right and we will be making out on the dance floor before the break of dawn.

The other day I was looking at our pics and I was asking myself: why the hell are we not dating?
It’s probably way more complicated than that, but maybe because we both can’t be perpetually drunk, which is why this will never happen.

So…. Yeah…. I am mostly drunk in love, but I don’t see any sober love happening any time soon.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t smoke weed, nor have I ever… but certain people around me do.

Clay's Personal The Naked Truth

The naked truth!

By Clayton

truthA few weeks ago we had our annual performance review at work. This is quite an uncomfortable thing, because I feel like I’m sitting on a pedestal and am being judged for crimes I’ve committed the past year. All in all it didn’t turn out to be that horrible, but it still was very uncomfortable.

The entire review came down to one thing: I need to learn to speak my mind.

This is something that I’ve heard several times before from various people. Not just at work. And I have to say that I have been – and still am – working very hard to be a little less introvert. But apparently taking baby steps isn’t enough. I need to start making leaps to achieve my goals.

Sooooooo…. I’ve decided that 2013 will be the year that I open up myself.
In my personal life and on this blog; I will change my style of writing. From now on it will be a lot more open and honest. It’s time for the naked truth. No more deciphers and encrypted messages… all cards will be laid on the table… names will be mentioned… beware! 😀

The reason why I sometimes… or should I say often… don’t speak my mind is because I care too much about what others might think or how they may feel. Often I have something to say, but decide to swallow it at the very last second. The other reason is because I sometimes have things in my mind that may sound cruel, but it’s just the first thing that often jumps to mind.

But seeing that’s how people prefer it, I will give them what they want.
It’s time to meet the real me in 2013.

I’m starting this new series of blog. It will all be here on this website, but I’m making a new category called “The Naked Truth” where I’ll answer all questions about myself that anyone wants to ask. But that doesn’t include the balance of my bank account (FYI: it’s probably a lot less then you might speculate) nor the pin code that I use at the ATM.

If there’s something you’ve wanted to ask me or want me to wrote about you can submit your questions anonymously at this website:
I’ll about it and post it online on this blog.