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    Disney Lies

    By Clayton

    Listen up kids… I think you should stop watching Disney movies right now! Right now I tell you. Why? Trust me; you will understand when you get older. All Disney does is giving you a distorted view of life and false hope in fantasies that will never ever come true. And no, not even by wishing upon the bright Northern star.

    Exhibit A:
    Disney doesn’t let you know that you can be in love with someone and be absolutely annoyed with them at the same time.

    Oh wait… I think they did that in Hercules.

    Exhibit B:
    Disney doesn’t show you that you can come across this absolutely amazing person and have the best time of your life with them, but that they live far away and eventually will have to leave again.

    Oh wait… I think they did that in Pocahontas.

    Exhibit C:
    Disney doesn’t show you that sometimes you are willing to make drastic life changing, sacrifices just to be with the one that your heart beats faster for.

    Oh wait… I think they did that in The Little Mermaid.

    Exhibit D:
    Disney doesn’t show you that sometimes you are able to be attracted to someone that doesn’t even speak the same language as you do.

    Oh wait… I think they did that in Tarzan.

    Okay, fact is that Disney makes everything look so damn easy, while we all know that in real life it’s not. And if you don’t break your freaking head and are willing to bust a nut, you probably will not end up with the one that keeps you awake at night.

    Of course this post is not to be taken seriously and just written for comedic enjoyment. Come on, who doesn’t love a good cliche Disney movies? :p


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    This blog is 3 years old

    By Clayton

    On February 1st it was my birthday…
    which also means that it was the “birthday” of this blog. YAY!
    Officially online for 3 continues years now.


    I know that I don’t write as often as I would like to, and I also know that I each year try to make changes in my posting schedule (pfft… what schedule?), so I won’t do that this year.

    What I will do, is go through each of these 3 years of melodramatic words (*ghehe*) and look up on all the stories that needed an update. There are a few stories that I never gave a follow-up or wrote about how things ended.

    I do have one idea for a new blog that I will write and publish as soon as I can:
    I will make a list of little to unknown facts about myself and publish it. This is quite trickier than I first thought it to be before I started with the list, but I accept the challenge. I am 26 years old now, so I will be writing down the first 26 facts that I can think off. Stay tuned!

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    Game of Thrones personality test!

    By Clayton


    I just took this Game of Thrones personality test. And I have to say that the result is quite accurate. The first time I read it, I was thinking: “hmm… really?!”, but after reading it again, I think it’s quite accurate to say the least. I guess I am after all the kind of person that likes adventure and new challenges, but in the end just wants to settle down and life a simple, comfortable life.

    Taking this test will probably only make sense if you actually watch the show. So if you do, please do and share your results!

    Which Game of Thrones character are you? Take the test!


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    Winter has come to Suriname!

    By Clayton

    RAINSTORM-150x150Today has been like a perfect “Winter day” here in Suriname. Instead of snowing, it has been raining the entire day, I haven’t seen the sun once, low temperature and by 16.00hrs it was already getting dark.

    This did make the perfect hangover weather. It was one of those mornings after a night of partying with your friends, where you really don’t feel like doing much and just enjoy some quiet, alone time. However earlier that morning was I was woken by the sound of the alarm of my car, which my dad accidentally had tripped. Not long after that it was my mom that made the smoke alarm go off in the kitchen. As soon as all was silent again I wrapped myself in my blanket and slept the entire afternoon.

    Since it’s the rain season and December lots more winter days like these are expected and I can’t wait.

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    It’s The Most Annoying Time Of The Year

    By Clayton

    It’s The Most Annoying Time Of The Year
    With the kids running and yelling
    And everyone telling you “it’s warm out here”
    It’s The Most Annoying Time Of The Year

    It’s the hot-hottest season of all
    With those endless bottles of cold water
    pink pills for the migraines
    It’s the hot-hottest season of all

    © Clayton Derby


    September is here… this time of the year equivalent to “summer time” as it’s known in non-tropical countries. The school vacations have started and the temperate is off the hook. This is my least favorite time of the year QUA temperature. The temperate in the next months (until December) is abnormal and my poor head can’t handle it. When I am at work I don’t notice it, but as soon as I walk outside I am usually confronted with an instant headache.
    The weather also makes me very weary. As long as the sun is shining all I want to do is lie down. When I lie down I usually wake up in a very moist bed. If the heat didn’t wake me up I would probably drown in my sweat.

    Oh well. Good thing, this is only once a year and I will bear it.

  • Clay's Personal Randomness

    50 things I love about life!

    By Clayton


    In life we are often focused too much on the things we hate that we totally forget about the things we love. Just sit down and think about it. What is it that you love about life?

    I was inspired by one of my FB friends to do this (Vlien) and feel free to do the same.
    I made a list of things and these are not necessarily THE 50 things I love about life, just THE FIRST 50 things that came to mind.

    1.    I love my friends and family
    2.    I love Europe. (Holland if I have to pick one country)
    3.    I love snow
    4.    I love cold temperatures
    5.    I love to watch the rain
    6.    I love watching movies and TV-series
    7.    I love listening to music
    8.    I love operatic vocals
    9.    I love choirs in symphonic (metal) music
    10.    I love to analyze lyrics
    11.    I love to watch live performances of bands/singers on YouTube
    12.    I love to attend concerts
    13.    I love to travel
    14.    I love the feeling I get when I am sitting in an airplane
    15.    I love designing things (graphics, websites)
    16.    I love building websites
    17.    I love gazing at the stars and moon
    18.    I love to sing along to music
    19.    I love spending time online
    20.    I love to talk with friends about everything and nothing
    21.    I love to take photos of things
    22.    I love to stare into someone’s eyes
    23.    I love to fall asleep next to someone I’m in love with
    24.    I love to wake up next to someone I’m in love with
    25.    I love to be in love (or have a crush on someone)
    26.    I love to buy random gifts for my friends
    27.    I love writing
    28.    I love to walk in a big city and just enjoy the scenery
    29.    I love to have my own free space or to be alone at times
    30.    I love to laugh
    31.    I love dreaming
    32.    I love to be spontaneous
    33.    I love to things that are out of the ordinary
    34.    I love to keep things organized
    35.    I love to solve problems (if I am able to do so)
    36.    I love to think about pleasant memories
    37.    I love it when I have something to be excited about
    38.    I love foreign languages
    39.    I love accents (preferably Dutch or British)
    40.    I love perfumes
    41.    I love puppies
    42.    I love to read books
    43.    I love to learn new things
    44.    I love it when my head hits my pillow after a long day of work
    45.    I love doing crazy things with my friends
    46.    I love to eat things you don’t eat on a daily basis
    47.    I love (white or dark/pure) chocolate
    48.    I love (dry) red wine
    49.    I love cold beverages (ice coffee and smoothies)
    50.    I love to be around people that are amusing, spontaneous and crazy as I am 🙂