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Update on 2017’s NY Post

By Clayton

Before I was about to post my 2018 “Happy New Year” post I re-read my 2017 post.
It appears that I still need to write an update regarding that post since a lot has changed.

Quickly read that post first before reading the below.

The friendship between my best friend and I was restored, shortly after that post – around my birthday. It mostly involved another person that caused interference… let’s call it that and leave it at that. It’s over and all is good again.

In 2016 I probably slept more than I have in recent year. Not nearly as much as I should, but I have at least tried to get some more down time, to prevent myself from burning out. However, this also meant a lot less projects and a lot less money. So I need to find the perfect balance between getting enough sleep and still earning enough to maintain my lifestyle.

Pfft, I bet my blog posts are getting repetitive. This is still a NO-GO for me.

That one crush that started in late 2015 (or 2016), still has been going through all of 2017 and actually reached it peek…. But it also sunk right after that, and I am done.

This is not going to work. I cannot keep falling for someone that never appreciates the things I do, doesn’t see how much effort I am putting in trying to be a better person or never gets any of my signals. At several times in 2017 I even was at that point where I just wanted to blurt out all my feelings, but each time I had to pull back on the last minute because I knew that it was not the right moment or that I would just end up getting hurt. And maybe in some wear twisted part of my mind I rather live in plausible deniability than accept the truth… but now I am done. In retrospect maybe its best I never blurted it out, cause this person will never feel the same and maybe isn’t even someone I really need in my life “in that way”.

Can we move on now?!


Yay, I finished my damn college…. Got my degree… Bachelor in Applied Technology… but what is next now? I don’t know, but I am certainly not going back to any form of school. My knowledge shall be gained through self-study, work experience or any other type of training. I just don’t think I can do any full time study anymore.

So yup… that was 2017 more or less.

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Unexpected fun weekend

By Clayton

This weekend turned out to be quite a bit better than I expected it to be.

On Friday night I received no usual “what are we doing tonight” text messages from my friends, so I expected that there were no party plans for that weekend. So I grabbed a book and started reading, but I did want to go out. Especially since the week before when I had a week off I really wanted to go out, but no one responded to my messages. Later I did find out that there were plans made with other friends, so I was a bit bumped out.

After a while I was a bit tired of reading… still no messages… midnight drawing near… I then jumped in the shower and got myself ready to go out… on my own.

I’ve never done this before in Suriname (only when abroad). I first had a few sips of red wine and made my way to my friends and I usual watering hole. None of my usual friends where to be found only a few other familiar faces. I tried to socialize a bit, but was still wondering where the rest was. Found out via social media that they were at the usual Friday evening dance club, so by 1 am I made my way there.

IMG_20140705_010202 IMG_20140705_025122 IMG_20140705_034514

By that time it didn’t even matter where everyone was and we just had a good time, with some new and old friends. Close to 5 am we had the crazy idea to go skinny dipping, just like we did a couple of times last year, far out of town in one of the creeks. We did so and eventually returned back to the city when the sun was already up. I arrived home at 8 am and made my way to my bed as soon as possible. Slept until the afternoon.

Later one of my friends wanted to meet up again, but I was still beat up that I just fell asleep before I could get myself ready. I slept a good 10 hours.

IMG_20140706_201259The next day wasn’t really that interesting – lied mostly in bed again – but went out to watch a seminar at a local business fair. Which was quite fun. 2 friends of mine were also there and we later went to eat at a recently opened Chinese restaurant. A few more drinks and hanging out and I arrived home just before midnight. My body wasn’t tired yet, so I didn’t go to bed until close to 2 am, where I was resting my head to start a new work week.

So a weekend, which I had planned to lie in bed and read all weekend, turned out to be a little more interesting after all. Until next weekend. 🙂

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My 26th Birthday Celebration

By Clayton

Somewhere in between space and time I began my 26th year on planet earth last Saturday. I have no idea how these 26 solar orbits, which I’ve witnessed so far, passed me by, but apparently they did.

*takes a deep sigh*

Oh well… at least I had a blast celebrating this fact. Actually, a lot more fun than I had even planned or anticipated for. Things just… happened… and I didn’t even have time yet to process it all. As I think back, I don’t really know everything that I did or what happened in that 24-hour-radius on February 1st of the year 2014, I just have flashes of moments in my head. And maybe that’s a good thing. Life is short, right?! #YOLOSWAGLOL

It all started on January 31st, which turned out in my favor to be a local national holiday: Chinese New Year – year of the horse. Don’t ask! We have all kinds of weird and random national holidays in this country. But I honestly didn’t mind. This was going to be MY birthday party weekend. I even had the next Monday of, so I had my own mini-vacation.

On Friday evening I met my friends at Farid’s house, where we played a hilarious card game. Since we’re all of legal age we turned it into a drinking game, which resulted in a couple empty bottles. After we were all already feeling happy (read: very drunk), we made our way to our favorite watering hole to do one more round of drinks. Farid stayed home, because he was already passed out.

After we did one round, we made our way to our usual Friday evening dance club. Okay, here is where it’s all a blur to me. I only remember the following: great music, my friends dancing around, Dominique screaming to everyone “it’s his birthday”, us jumping on the dance floor, me making out with someone… *OMG, really?!*… some more dancing to the point where we couldn’t anymore and all magically safely ended up home. I think we must have teleported home, because I have no memory of that part. That night did end quite different than I expected it to, but no complaints. 🙂

I arrived home around 7.30am – dad already awake and the first family member in Holland to congratulate me. I had only been sleeping for 3 hours when I woke again. I had to buy a few things for the birthday meal and I wanted to avoid too much Saturday afternoon traffic as much as possible. After I had done my shopping, I made my way home to eat, quickly my godfather who came to visit and finally rest.

Sadly, my thoughts of cuddling with my pillows were cut short when my dad and brother decide to clean outside. I was woken by the water pressure cleaner, so decided to just stay awake instead. Shortly after 18.00hrs my older brother came to visit. After some chitchatting, more eating and picture-taking it was time for me to get ready to go back to Farid’s place where I had asked my friends to meet me. My mother was already exhausted from slaving herself in the kitchen the entire day, so instead of inviting my friends at my place, I asked Farid if I could meet my friends there.

After some eating and drinking, we made our way to our usual bar – the same one from the night before – because I had asked the owner if I could throw my birthday “party” there. The word party is highly overrated, because all I asked for is a corner to host my friends and anyone who wanted to come was welcome. I had made a CD with my favorite dance music and I was allowed to play it. This is where there was another blank moment in my memory. Somehow a small party with a group of 8 people had gone wild… Music, a dancing pole, body shots and a crazy photoshoot went on. I don’t remember. I just concluded all of this from the photos on my camera. I also don’t remember much just that I didn’t make it too late, because for my own safety I went home. Good thing I guess.

At least I had fun!! 🙂

Part 1
SAM_1208 2014-02-01-00.06
SAM_1228 SAM_1230 2014-02-01-03.16

Part 2
2014-02-01-15.24 2014-02-01-18.57 2014-02-01-21.16

Part 3
2014-02-02-00.34 2014-02-02-01.42 SAM_1240
DSC_0424 SAM_1239 SAM_1269
SAM_1279 SAM_1282 SAM_1298

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A day at Waterland, Domburg, SR

By Clayton

I’ve said it before and I am going to say it again: “Life’s great at times that it doesn’t totally suck!” Yesterday was another one of those great days that makes you appreciate life a lot more.

My friends and I were invited to this private resort a little out of town, by the same guy where I was allowed to have my 25th birthday party. None of us have been there before and we were all amazed by it. It was perfect. Nice cabins, close friends, great food, lots of booze… The only thing that sucked were the minor rain that kept pouring every 30-60 minutes, but we were so captivated by the place, that we barely even mind. Once again me and my best friends Farid and Dominique were surrounded around a lot of foreigners and noteworthy our German friend Henning, who is back in Suriname after 2 years.

There’s nothing much I can say really, just enjoy the photos.
A lot more on Facebook!

20130217_123337 20130217_123901 20130217_133149
20130217_135145 20130217_135354 20130217_143356
20130217_145001 20130217_145143 20130217_145551
20130217_150028 20130217_154708 20130217_154719
20130217_154959 20130217_155145 20130217_155329
20130217_155512 20130217_160544 20130217_164614

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My 25th Birthday Celebration

By Clayton

It’s official! I’m OLD! Since last Friday I am now a quarter of century old.
Soon it’s time for marriage, babies and… wait… I don’t have to. lol 😀
I’m 25 and instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to celebrate it the way that represents me the best: crazy and over the top 😀

I do have to thank my closest friends for helping to make this day unforgettable. Without their help, my night wouldn’t have been as epic and unforgettable as it was.

New Aquarius necklaceI first had my older brother Ivan over at home. He presented me with a really cool necklace which he and his girlfriend Lynsey bought me. Lynsey herself couldn’t come, because she’s sick with the flu.
The necklace is really cool. The pendant has an Aquarius symbol on it. I LOVE IT! It’s a lot nicer than the Aquarius necklace I had bought myself not too long ago. I decided to wear the new necklace that same night as I was getting myself ready for an epic night out.

Since my street is under construction and un-drivable at the moment I had Dominique pick me up and go to Farid’s house where we would go to for pre-party drinks. The plans for the night were:
– We were going to meet up at Farid’s house for pre-party drinks
– After the drinks we would go to this really cool penthouse owned by an Italian guy, a new friend of Farid’s, where we would enjoy some snacks, more drinks and cut the birthday cake
– A limousine which I had rented would pick us at the penthouse, drive us around
– Finally we would go out dancing in club Night Fever

All went as planned and we had a blast.
We just a problem with the limo driver that was a mayor d!ckhead. I have already filled a complaint to the limo company and I will not be renting anything from them again. They don’t know how to deliver a quality service. Having said that, I still had a great night!
Thank you Farid, Dominique, Ryan-S, Ranvir, Patrick and Alex.

Below are the photos of my epic and unforgettable night.
Hope you enjoy them and as usual a lot more of Facebook.

Also thank you everyone else that has sent me their congratulations and had called. It was nice to feel special…. We are all allowed to do so once a year. 😀

Gotta stand out from the rest on my b-b-b-day!  My bfffffff's - Dominique and Farid Ranvir and I
DSCF5704 Tapas Domique and Ryan
Blowing out the 25 candles Alex I love these crazy kids :)
It's big, long and black :) Posing in front of the limo Posing in front of the limo
Posing in front of the limo Posing in front of the limo 72kg of man meat :p

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I got my stuff back! Yay :D

By Clayton


That awkward moment when you’re awaken at 11.00 AM on a Sunday by a police car in front of your house! Good news: they found my stuff 😀

My bag with all my stuff in it: bank cards, ID, driver’s license, college pass, other cards and pictures. Even my Blackberry charger, which was in the bag, was still there.

They were clearly just looking for money… Which they didn’t find! The only money in my wallet was a quarter. (I WANT MY QUARTER BACK!!!)

The only thing missing is my house keys and remote control. But we’ve already changed the locks of the house yesterday 😉

As I searched my bag further I started noticing a few extra things:
Another driver’s license, a GLOW (a local beauty store) card and a female condom (dafuq?)…
Clearly these extra things weren’t mine. They were Dominique’s 🙂

Yay, double win!!!

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OMG, our stuff got stolen!!

By Clayton

bad-luck-brain-someone-broke-in-the-carThe year 2013 has only begun 5 days ago and so far it has brought me nothing but back luck. Can anyone tell me if Nostradamus had any bad luck predictions for 2013 or if I have simply been bitten by the Bad Luck Bug? #Unlucky2013

The bad luck started on New Year’s Eve. My blog, this very one that I’m posting now on, was hacked by an unknown source. I had to delete the entire blog and was able to restore everything again thanks to constant backups. Later that same evening/next morning my external hard drive started failing. It eventually crashed completely after a few hours. It just stopped working. I received word yesterday that the damage is huge and I lost lots of personal data. The bad luck continued when I started feeling ill on Thursday morning and had to call in sick to work. Yesterday or technically this morning it all got worse when my best friend Dominique and I got robbed. Let me tell you the story from beginning till the end.


Clay's Personal Friends

The hatchet is buried!

By Clayton

Dear Readers,

I have some good news. For the first time in… God how long has it been? A year? Maybe longer?
For the first time in a year’s time I finally feel like my own self again. I finally feel “unleashed”. All the past year’s drama is over and I can finally think clearly again.

So what has happened you might ask yourself? Didn’t I have some sort of mayor drama going on the last 1-2 months? Didn’t I tumble down in a whirlpool of confusion and depression?

Short answer: yes… but that’s all over now 🙂

Long answer: Put your reading glasses on and let me explain it all.

*clears throat and cracks his knuckles*

On the first Friday in December, Farid and I had to pick up our Dutch friend from the airport, whom is in Suriname to escape the winter’s cold. At first I didn’t want to go along, because this would be our first face to face encounter after the whole drama in Amsterdam and after ignoring each other for about 6-8 weeks.

The first encounter was less dramatic as I thought it would be. Well my friends were the ones that sort of made me psych myself out by calling to hear how I was feeling and treating me like a bloody mental patient. So the moment of the first eye contact I did sort of feel strange, but as the night progressed I did start to ease myself. Not sure if it was due to the Merlot that we drank before going to the airport – that was probably it.

The new morning I was online on Facebook and the Dutchie and I chatted. We then established our friendship and we also laughed about the past year. I was actually very happy that we were speaking again. It’s not easy to suddenly break all contact with someone who has been part of your daily life for almost 2 years now and certainly not when it all ends on a bad note.

So that was settled and we were speaking again.

However… the next week I did have a minor relapse of feelings. Mostly a mixture of feelings of relief and happiness… and also the questions that I still needed answers to. I’ve noticed that I am drawn to mysterious people – hmm, that would make a nice topic for a separate blog post, don’t you think?. As long as I still have things about someone I want to know, someone that I have a crush on, I will keep holding on, because I am still trying to figure out if I have a chance or not and how we could make it work (or not).


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Road trip to the countryside – Nickerie

Last Friday I went with my friends on a road trip to district Nickerie (read about this disctrict on Wikipedia). This is quite a long drive and very far out of town. I now know what it feels like to have been at the “countryside”.

First of all this wasn’t a regular road trip like me and my friends did a few weeks ago. My buddy Farid had to be in that district for a funeral of an aunt and he didn’t want to drive all the distance alone, so ask us to tag along. Since I’ve never been it seemed like a cool thing to do. The deceased was also only family through wedlock, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Farid picked us up at around 7 AM on Friday and we drove to the other side of the country. The journey wasn’t half as bad as the stories I’ve heard. We were actually there before I even got bored of sitting. Maybe because of the company, but the ride really was no big deal at all.

As Farid went to pay his respect, Dominique and I had his car to explore the city. Now Nickerie is very small so I could find my way around without having to use Google Maps. We went sightseeing at the market, a local square and went to the sea sight. We also saw the famous rice fields that Nickerie is famous for. Lots and lots of rice fields. But after an hour or two we got bored and just hung at the terrace of hotel Residence Inn. We had a few drinks and something to eat until Farid called us to pick him up. The district is very small and there is really nothing fun to do there, so I was more than happy to be back in the city.

Nickerie_01 Nickerie_02 Nickerie_03
Nickerie_04 Nickerie_05 Nickerie_06

More photos on my Facebook account.