Culinary Tales

Culinary Tales

Salmon Pasta recipe

I’ve always been a little bit insecure about my cooking since I’ve learned it. I do get lots of compliments, but in the back in my head I always think I can do better… until a month of two ago when I tried to make Salmon Pasta and it was PERFECT even if I may so myself 🙂
Even my mother has been constantly asking me when I will be making it again. I have done so a few times and each time it was flawless, so I will share the recipe with you.

What you need:

  • Salmon portions (duh!)
  • Cooking cream
  • One regular sized lemon
  • One bottle of black olives
  • One onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Olive oil
  • A bottle of white wine (I usually buy Gran Vino Blanco from Viña Maipo)
  • A can of mushrooms
  • Black pepper
  • Normal pepper if you prefer (I don’t)
  • Basil
  • Pasta (I prefer the bowties, because I think they look good, but this is up to you)

The way I make it is a spin-off from this recipe: Creamy Smoked Salmon Pasta
*NOTE: I didn’t use smoked salmon in my pasta*

  • Cook you pasta according to the instructions on the package.
  • I first season the salmon with salt, lemon juice, black pepper and basil. Use whatever seasoning you prefer; this is what I use. Fast and simple.
  • Next: I add about half of the bottle of white wine in a medium sized baking pan. Let the wine heat up and the alcohol evaporate. Next I toss in the salmon and bake it in the white wine until all the wine has been absorbed and evaporated.
  • While still in the pan, I break the salmon portions into small chunks with the spatula.
  • I then take the chopping board and chop the union, garlic and pepper into pieces.
  • Next I take another pan and start to heat some olive oil. After its warm enough I add the chopped ingredients, stir them around a bit. Add some more seasoning if you want.
  • Next I add the mushrooms and black olives. I also add the liquid of the olives to the same pan. You should already start to smell the great scent.
  • Next I add the salmon chunks to the mixture, add the cream and just let it boil a bit.
  • Last added the pasta and let it simmer for about 10 minutes and VOILA, you’re done!

TIP 1: eat it with Parmesan cheese to add an extra touch!
TIP 2: the rest of the white wine you can drink while eating.

Bon appetite 🙂


Culinary Tales

My first meal ever made: Chicken carbonara pasta

By Clayton

IMG06881-20120228-1409Today I had the day off, because I had to study for an examination on IT Service Management. In the morning I wanted to try something out which I wanted to do for a few weeks now: make pasta.

I’ve been watching loads of youtube videos and I bought all the ingredients, so I stepped into the kitchen got the pots out and just started cooking. I have no idea where the rush came from, but it felt good. I was a bit nervous, because I had no idea what this would taste like. But surprise, surprise… I managed and it tastes GREAT!!! 🙂 even if I may say so myself. I am very proud to be and maybe I have discovered a hidden talent of mine. Cooking 🙂

Click on the link below to see the photos of “The making of the Chicken carbonara pasta”.


Clay's Personal Culinary Tales Re-posts

My Culinary Tales

By Clayton

Dear readers,

I’ve recently created a new category called “Culinary Tales”. In this category I will write about all my attempts to learn how to cook, bake successes and other culinary experiments I try in the kitchen. Now if you know me personally you know that I can’t cook. Yes, for years I didn’t even know how to bake an egg. Read the post below, which originally is a Note I had posted on my Facebook wall at the beginning of the year 2011. But I’m tired of not knowing how to prepare my own meals and to be dependent on others. So from now on you can follow all my attempts. Let’s hope this won’t be too much of a disaster. lol 🙂



Read my Facebook Note: “Cooking is a skill I just don’t master!