Back to my safe haven

by Clayton
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Here I am… 36000ft in the air. On my way home after 2 weeks… 2 weeks full of drama.

We just had a couple of minutes of turbulence. Nothing over-the-top scary, but it’s always a bit uncomfortable of course. I’ve recently discovered that the best way to deal with turbulence is consuming red wine. After a while you won’t be able to tell the difference between turbulence or the sweet ecstasy of red wine.

For the first time ever I have been more than willing to fly back home. No tears or wobbly eyes as usual at the airport. Just a quick check-in and running toward the gate. I have been more than willing to leave that I actually have been awake since 4.00 AM. Also when I left the house to go downtown to see my cousin for the last time I didn’t suffer from a morning bad mood, like I usually do at 8 AM; especially with Amsterdam being completely covered with mist that morning. It was totally white outside and you couldn’t see a thing.

Why am I so eager to go back home? Well I have had lots of drama as I mentioned before. I really think that story needs its own blog. Let’s just say that this vacation didn’t go as planned since even before I landed.
But let’s get back to on the subject. So things went bad, then good again, then bad again, then suddenly good again and….. BOOM! *drama bomb explosion* all went down the drain again. I knew that, that was my cue. I needed to go. I needed to fly back home. For the first time ever Amsterdam didn’t feel like “home” to me. I felt alone and cold in a huge foreign city. I needed to go back to the warmth of Paramaribo. I hate the heat, but it still is “home”.

I can’t wait to set foot on Surinamese soil and call my friends whom I miss a dearly. I’m not saying that my friends in Holland were bad for me; not at all. It’s just all the drama in between that overruled my overall capability to really be happy.

Remember how I said that the turbulence really isn’t that bad?
Well it did get a lot worse. But after my terrifying dead ride at the fair last Friday with my friends, this seemed like child’s play. lol

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