26 facts about me

by Clayton
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I got challenged in one of those instagram games by @xiootjes to share 20 facts about myself. So here they are!

I already did something similar like this on my 26th birthday – CLICK HERE to read those facts!


01. My full name is Clayton Orlando Wilgo Derby
02. I have the same names as my dad, but in the reverse order (except “Clayton”, that’s one is unique)
03. I used to be strictly against instagram for years… look at me now!
04. My zodiac sign is Aquarius ♒
05. I was born on a Monday afternoon, around 2.15 pm
06. I was born on February 1st in the year 1988
07. I am a self-taught web designer (the basics essentials I mean)
08. I tend to over-think almost everything
09. I love to sing along loud to music when I am driving (you’ve probably seen a few videos)
10. I have an obsession with cleanliness and am a mild germaphobe
11. I love to dream… at night and during daytime as well
12. If I could sing I would have liked to become a singer in a band… sadly I can’t sing. Still love to do it though
13. I usually go the extra mile to stand out in a crowd (being ordinary is boring)
14. I have this unexplainable obsession with Amsterdam (or with Holland in general). NOT that I don’t love my own country. Let me make that clear!
15. My goal in life is to travel as I possibly can
16. I hate shaving… But I hate facial hair (on myself) even more
17. I love to document my life… yes, I’m weird like that
18. I would consider myself more of a spiritual than a religious person
19. Airplanes fascinate me. I absolutely love flying and aviation in general. ✈
20. I keep myself motivated by always thinking that things will always work out one way or another

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