2015-07-29 07.03.50-1

That awesome moment when the theme and the color of your socks match that of your shirt 🙁 and the fact that this is the highlight of my day is sad part 🙁

Yes, this is what my life has come down to. No business class flights to Amsterdam this year, nor Epica concert tickets, nor going out each and every weekend… times have changed.

Okay, I did go out a couple of times the last 2 weeks, but that was mostly because of birthday parties and my best friend moving away, but other than that I have come down to a quiet, simple life… Yes, you can say boring.

It’s not really a bad thing though. I have other priorities now (read: I’m getting old), I want to finish my college, I try to work out more and I am swamped with loads of work. So it’s not like I am not doing anything. But for now, the best thing to happen to me all day is the realization that I am wearing matching socks. Yay, joy! *sarcasm*