My friends and I wanted to go to the movies today. As I haven’t been to the cinema in months I was more than willing to. The movie we originally wanted to see we weren’t able to, because I had to attended a class until 20.30hr, so instead we went at 21.00hr and picked “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” as the movie for the night. After all, any movie starring Ben Stiller had to be funny, right?

The_Secret_Life_of_Walter_Mitty_posterWARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!

The movie was relatively boring. I even heard someone in the row behind me snoring, which I can understand. I am surprised that is stayed awake throughout the entire movie, because I tend to fall asleep in the cinema.

I didn’t really get the entire story line, but I would have loved it if it did NOT have a happy ending. I was almost relating to the character that Ben Stiller plays. A guy that dreams a lot, making sceneries in his head, falling in love, not getting the one he falls in love with, trying to make everyone happy, working hard to achieve a certain goal… I sort of felt sorry for him. But in the end, he still gets to be with the one he loved, which makes it a typical movie ending. *boo*

I’m not saying that there weren’t any funny moment, or that you shouldn’t go see it, it’s just one of those you-only-need-to-see-that-once-and-then-it’s-more-than-enough kind of movies