Yesterday my friends and I went to see the movie Dredd in 3D.
(click here to see trailer)
Great movie, but what I noticed is that the movie contains so much effects that it almost takes away the real story. By that I mean, it took someone almost 5 minutes to simple raise their hand and the effects to be shown. Even lighting a cigarette took the characters and eternity. After a while I couldn’t take it anymore and fell asleep near the end of the movie.

Last week I was also watching the movie Resident Evil – Afterlife.
Another great movie, but I had the same problem with the movie. Great effects, but take all that away and the movie would have been a lot shorter.

So it is just me or does Hollywood seem to focus a lot more on 3D effects now a days instead of spending more time on the filling the movie with an actual story? The effects are great, modern and “hip”, but how long can this last?