October 28th, 2011

Clay's Personal

Manic Depression – Part 1: The symptoms

By Clayton

It has been a while since I last wrote anything that wasn’t about music and simply about me. And that was the main initiation for this blog. So here is a blog about me after a long time.

Today I had the day off from work. Things in my life have become very hectic lately and I simply needed a break from it all. But who am I kidding. My main plan basically failed. There’s no escaping life while I’m still within the legal borders of my own country. The only reason how I possibly could have a break from it all is probably taking a plan, and cross the big blue ocean for 9 straight hours. Sadly, jumping on a plane right now wouldn’t be possible.

Well at least I made an attempt to try to get my life back on track.

So what exactly is going on with me at the moment? I DON’T KNOW!!!

It’s just everything. Writing always has been a way to gather my thought and figure out what lies deep within, so with this blog I’m trying to do just that.

Yesterday was a national holiday here. One of the 19 we have. Yes, we have 19 national holidays in the Republic of Suriname. Please don’t ask!

Anyways, so yesterday (almost) everyone was at home. I also took today and tomorrow off. The whole idea was to lock myself up in my room and just have some ME-time. No work, no alarms, no schedules, no emails, no appointments, no HTML-CSS-or-whatever-codes… just complete silence.

I’ve disabled the data plan of my Blackberry phone and have no been receiving emails or other notifications for almost 2 days now. That’s exactly what I wanted.

The reason why I said that my initial plan failed is because I can’t get any silence in my own house.  I have a brother who is 10 years younger than me, whose highlight of the day is winning the soccer championship on his PSP *rolls eyes*. So he basically constantly pops in my room, sticks his head in and has no clear reason for entering my domain. It’s just simply a way to aggravate my daily annoyance.

I also didn’t get to spent the day as I intended to, because the car radiator decided to give in and as I was driving smoke starting coming from under the hood and a hot liquid was oozing out of the front of the car. So I had to drive it to the repair shop and luckily right in front of the shop the car died out, because it was totally overheated. So instead I had to spent the morning with my mom as she did her monthly things like paying the bills.